Ashley Martin, flow wand/go go dancer, Detroit Michigan, May 9th, 2011

Huge special THANKS to Luke Lawrence. Profile: Marco Terenzi is a documentary on a Detroit artist studying crafts at the College for Creative Studies. He just so happens to be my brother, and has a unique way of thinking. Take a look into his mind. Music is by Kodomo Check out his awesome and inspiring music at Songs in order: Concept 10 - Kodomo / Concept 9 - Kodomo / Concept 8 - Kodomo

A Tribute Video of my Grandmother doing what she loves. Staring the two most beautiful women in the world, my grandmother and my mom.

My brothers Ford Lightning i did a little documentary on in a bout an hour. Shot on a Canon EOS 7D and glidetrack shooter.

A collection of photographs/film I put together in memory of Matt Dudley. Its been an absolute pleasure to grow up with you. See you soon buddy.

Had this film planned out in my head for the past two years. Finally got the chance to bring it to life. Had an amazing stay in Arizona for a week, and was given the chance to drive a van all the way home to Michigan with my best friends. Huge thanks to the Goure family for the hospitality. Aditional filming by : Luke Lawrence, Adam Soroka, and Dillon Wright. Song: Take A Walk - Passion Pit

17-year-old John Dudley from Citizen Zero Preforms a Drum solo at their show at Arts, Beats, & Eats in Royal Oak, MI on . Visit for more info and event dates.

Official Music Video / Filmed by Frank Terenzi / Editing by Luke Lawrence

------CHECK IT OUT! Quick video put together.though it would be cool if Brad Lawrence's artwork was a we tried it! Enjoy!

Citizen Zero preforms Detroy Me Beautifully LIVE at Arts Beats and Eats in Royal Oak, MI on Visit for more info and event dates

I do not own the music or visuals presented in this film, it is merely a remix of other creators. Music : Tycho - See (Beacon Remix) Visuals: Planet Earth (Nat Geo) , Tom Lowe (Timescapes & Awaken), Tycho, and Ron Fricke (Samsara).

Brad Lawrence and I started experimenting with these jelly-like marbles. Had a fun time. Enjoy.

ONE state. ENDLESS possabilities. LOVE MICHIGAN. This video symbolizes a mutal appreciation for this amazing state of ours. Its a Love that enbraces both the upper & lower peninsulas of Michigan; together, they hold beautiful, rich forrests, flowing rivers, abundant lakes, massive sand dunes, clean beaches, and some of the friendliest fold-around, true Michiganders. Michigan is also conveniently located in the heart of the worlds most precious resource, The Great Lake. As a state with endless possibilities, Michigan is one great place to call home.

Kevin White's BRIGHT yellow SRT-4 Dodge Neon. She goes by the name of L3monad3. Shot with a Canon EOS 7D on a GlideTrack Shooter.

Took a trip up to Leland Michigan with Luke, Aaron, and his family. Had a great time appreciating life. Huge special thanks to the Goure Family.

Extravagant use of color flowing through the mind of unconsciousness.more like food coloring with milk and soap, and water. Alot of time was put into the filming and editing portion so HOPE YOU LIKE IT! -FilmerFrank-O i would like to Add an extra thankYOU to Luke Lawrence for helping with Editing.

Local Detroit ARTIST creates a legal masterpiece. Shot with a Canon 7D and GlideTrack.

I spent a day documenting a day in the life of Sammy. He's my brother, and my best friend. Follow him on Instagram @Sammy_the_basset Song: All Is Love - Karen O & the Kids.

Went up north to Ludington, MI for a week to celebrate my father's 50th birthday. I went out on Lake Michigan to go fishing and film what makes my dad happy. I was up for the challenge. No better way to practice being steady with a camera then going on a rocky boat. It was fun.and I would like to thank my dad for everything.

This film was planned, filmed, edited, and color corrected in less than 24 hours. I did not really know what direction to take, but in the end it turned out beautifully. This is just a taste of how beautiful autumn is in Michigan

We created a tree tag that can be engraved with your special message and it will grow safely with the tree and last a lifetime!

exported like shit but you get the idea. Shot on Canon 7D with a GlideTrack Shooter.

Tester on my Canon EOS 7d and Glidetrack Shooter.

This is my Demo Reel i had to put together for will work for now.but in the mean time, Im going to work on a new and improved Demo.enjoy. Music by Kodomo.

She's a ready for more.

Brad Lawrence and BLVisuals at EMANCIPATOR @ The Space Ball at the Majestic Theatre on APRIL 30th, 2011.

quick clip of dillon backlip A-Frame rail at Oakland Vert.

Had a very beautiful night.grabbed my camera last second and took a few timelapses.just for fun.

Testin my NEW canon 7d and glidetrack on my buddies washing their car.this video is lacking a ending due to battery problems.

How to install a Tree Hugger!

A collection of the work I have created in the past year of 2012. Enjoy. Song: On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz

Thank you to our generous sponsors at Chrysler. The Detroit Partnership seeks to unite the University of Michigan and Detroit through fulfilling community partnerships. As a multicultural organization, we strive to raise awareness, break stereotypes, and promote social justice through our service-learning programs.

We had an idea a couple days ago that it would be funny to recreate Mac Miller's song from his mixtape K.I.D.S called Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza. All shot on my GOPRO HD HERO.basically a test on what I could make with this camera. All handheld shots.

Located in Glen Arbor, Michigan. Shot with Canon EOS 7D and a GlideTrack Shooter.

Been obsessing over this song lately, decided to put some visuals together for it. I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC OR VIDEO CONTENT USED IN THIS FILM. Credit for Music : Maggie Rogers (Tycho Remix) Credit for Film Content :MACRO ROOM