I have not seen this movie but the thought of a Salsa face of like this is bad ass. Some of the moves in the video are spectacular too.

One of the most beautiful and soft classics from Grupo Bahía.

I must have listened to this song 10 times the first time I heard it. A beautiful, slow and smooth salsa with great percussion, piano and lyrics from the Hermanos Lebron.

A great Cuban style track with an excellent beat that just makes your shoulders want to move.

This is a really fun salsa with some great percussion from a true salsa legend, Ruben Blades.

Another smooth salsa classic from Barcelona's Cuban newcomers, Habana con Kola.

This is a true Cali classic. The lyrics really tell the story of the city and the beat is perfect for the city of rumberos.

This song sounds so cheesy and late 1970s that it's actually fantastic. For all you part-time lovers.

The heavy primal beat, changes in tempo and spectacular use of the violin make this simply one of my favorite smooth salsa songs.

A song about a guy who everybody stares at because he's so white but who dances with sabor! I do believe I have found my theme song. A classic salsa number with the orchestra of Bobby Valentin. Lyrics: La gente dice que soy el muñeco de la ciudad La gente dice que soy el muñeco de la ciudad Porque soy blanco blanquito con la cara colorá Porque soy blanco blanquito con la cara colorá. Coro: Negro que baila sabroso, negro que toca el tambó Negro que suena al timbal con ritmo en el corazón. Si albino nací, nací porque así lo quiso Dios Si albino nací, nací porque así lo quiso Dios Te invito para que bailes también como bailo yo Te invito para que bailes también como bailo yo. Todos me viene a ver por la gracia que yo tengo Todos me viene a ver por la gracia que yo tengo Si tu quieres bailar ven acá que te entretengo Y si tu quieres bailar ven acá yo te entretengo. Coro: Negro que baila sabroso. Negro que toca el tambó. Si tu lo pones yo te lo toco. Traime, traime mama una Conga O traime un Bongó Blanquitoooo, blanquiiiiito. De sol faltó mama un poquito Cuando me estaban haciendo Cometieron un error Se tardaron mucho tiempo Y la pintura se acabó Negrito, negrito, negrito Negrito, negrito, negrito La esclavitud, se acabaron los gritos Porque Don Lincoln los liberó Con mucha salsa en el corazón Cambié la ganga por un tambor ~ Y a bailar la rumba el negrito contento se dirigió A tocar al salsa y en su mano no hay dolor y cuando la salsa se enciende en su cuerpo corre el sudor Se ve el rumbero, se ve el rumbero Con dos tenis zurdas un viejo mahon. Bailando la salsa baila mama uno merengó Agarra la timba Y vámonos.

This is a very special salsa with some incredible use of piano and spectacular and unexpected rhythm changes. There is something for everyone in this classic!

Apart from the awful acting in the video this a great, sensual bachata to dance to.

The opening to this song is simply spectacular and features some of the best use of piano in any salsa song I know!

A beautiful piece of pacifico style music.

My God Tito Puente was a true master. If any one could fill a song with sabor it was him.

One of the most beautiful slow salsas there is. Find someone you like, get close and lose yourself in this hit from Habana con Kola.

This is a great salsa perfect for mambo that really allows you to play with the music. More salsa in French please!

Pure mambo perfection. Just try NOT dancing when you hear this song.

As soon as I heard this bachata I loved it. Great vocals from Thalia and Prince Royce and a sensual bachata beat.

The first time I heard this was in a Salsa club in Singapore. I couldn't believe that a mix of Cuban salsa and traditional Celtic music could work so well!

This a very earthy salsa that makes you want to work those shoulders and gives plenty of opportunity for some great shines.

What a title and what a great track too. I almost want to make it my theme song!

I think there is some sort of law that requires that any party with bachata feature at least one song by Aventura.

Another brilliant salsa from La 33 with great lyrics, perfect for some On1 dancing.

Now here is a salsa classic, complete with some great footage from the Palladium Era. This was recommended to me by the infinitely knowledgeable Josue Joseph of La Época series of salsa documentaries. Feel the music.

A great opening with a spectacular clave rich beat!

This is a really smooth Cha Cha Cha with a very classy back beat.

Here's a nice slow boogaloo that'll make you chant oo-a, oo-a !

Another classic salsa with great rhythm changes that I feel would work great for some smooth on2 dancing.

This is a serious classic here in Cali and it's a great rhythm for dancing some salsa caleña.

A different type of almost rock-style bachata which makes a nice change from the Aventura dominated bachata regulars.

This is some seriously mellow funked out salsa that is perfect for letting you descongelate (unfreeze yourself) and play with the music enjoying every beat in the song.

Here's me with Francy, one of the best salsa dancers and instructors in Cali, dancing a little bit of L.A. style salsa after we met by chance one evening after a dance class. I can thank Francy for some of my best and most memorable dances here in Cali. Also, check out 00:14-00:15 for The Richie , the first move I ever came up with myself!

There is a huge variety of beautiful dance styles out there and learning to appreciate them can help us improve own styles. This is a beautiful performance by Jenyne Butterfly.

I love the original song and this is a great and very romantic bachata version.

A great medium paced salsa perfect for On1 and one the first Spanish songs I learned the lyrics to.

A song for all the mujeres divinas of the world.

This classic salsa has one of the most unforgettable trumpet rhythms that you'll ever hear.

A reggae classic with a nice bachata twist. Bob Marley would be proud (if he danced bachata).

Orishas have developed a great mix of latin music and hip hop of which this is a fine example.

So the Dancing Irishman has officially become one of the most famous salsa instructors in Cali, Colombia. This was an interview made for the TV show Tiempo Real during one of my group classes in June, 2013. You get to hear my students talking about my teaching techniques compared to other teachers in Cali and you get to see one of my incredibly beautiful dance partners, the lovely Sita Carr-Hill. You also get to hear my pitiful Spanish accent (my friends assure me I don't speak like that all the time, I'll blame it on nerves) For more information on salsa, life in Colombia and my classes, check out the blog: Tiempo Real es un programa de la Universidad Autonoma de Occidente, que se emite los miercoles a las 6pm por el canal regional Telepacifico.

Another bachata sung in English and with a great rap-style that actually works.

I love this up-beat Cuban rhythm and the lyrics just make me want to be in Havana.

Another latin hip hop classic from Orishas.

A great brassy song with plenty of golpe from the spectacular percussion and a nice fast beat make this perfect for salsa caleña or some ambitious lineal salsa.

Here's a really easy tip on how to immediately improve your accent in a foreign language by eliminating your own, native accent. Here

I love the original version of this song and the it was pure genius making it into a bachata number. It's also interesting to hear bachata sung in English for a change.

Another smooth bachata with some extra sweet lyrics from the uncrowned king of the genre, Prince Royce.

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