White Chicks - in the club - Busy dancing alongside Jennifer Carpenter and Jessica Cauffield

White Chicks - singing in the car

White Chicks - in the rest room - allergic to cheese

White Chicks - Meeting their friends

Busy Philipps & Josh Hopkins Cougar Town interview

Busy Philipps on Chelsea Lately_ Busy Philipps

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules & Ellie watching Jules' old tape

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules chasing a guy who stole Jules' promotional pictures for her real estate company.

Busy Philipps ponders the Laurie-Travis question - From Inside the Box

Busy Philipps - One way or another - as seen on Dawson's Creek

Busy Philipps on Late Late show (22.04.2010)

Cougar Town: Laurie & Ellie defending Jules

Cougar Town: Laurie jumping in her blue dress

Tina Barrett (former S Club member) being funny

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules at the office. Laurie is changing her panties.

Busy Philipps Interview (Festival TV Monte Carlo 2010)

Cougar Town: Laurie is hanging up for Jules

Cougar Town: Laurie tells Travis fav photo postions

Busy Philipps on her way to Michelle Williams' home after Heath passed away

26.01.2011 Busy Philipps on Lopez Tonight

Busy Philipps Shows Off Her Baking Skills and Talks Aniston

Cougar Town: Laurie has a hicky on her chest

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules & Ellie talking about Sex

Cougar Town: Jules' birthday, Laurie & Ellie becoming friends?

Busy Interview - Hunk-O-meter. Sry for the poor quality but otherwise I couldn't get the vid.

Cougar Town: If Laurie is ending a relationship. she's either leaving with his brother or his best friend.

Busy Philipps at Michelle Williams' Home

Cougar Town: Resort Jules wants to celebrate her birthday with Laurie & Ellie

Cougar Town: Travis taking pics of the girls

Cougar Town: Laurie & Ellie monster mask

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules having a sleepover

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