White Chicks - in the club - Busy dancing alongside Jennifer Carpenter and Jessica Cauffield

White Chicks - in the rest room - allergic to cheese

White Chicks - Meeting their friends

Busy Philipps & Josh Hopkins Cougar Town interview

Cougar Town: Laurie & Ellie defending Jules

Busy Philipps - One way or another - as seen on Dawson's Creek

Cougar Town: Laurie is hanging up for Jules

Busy Philipps on Chelsea Lately_ Busy Philipps

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules & Ellie watching Jules' old tape

Tina Barrett (former S Club member) being funny

Busy Philipps on Late Late show (22.04.2010)

Cougar Town: Laurie jumping in her blue dress

Busy Philipps Shows Off Her Baking Skills and Talks Aniston

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules & Ellie talking about Sex

Busy Philipps on her way to Michelle Williams' home after Heath passed away

Busy Philipps - Best actress in the world (as seen on my other account)

Busy Philipps in Anatomy of a hate crime part I - couldn't find a version without the extra audio line

Cougar Town: Laurie has a hicky on her chest

Busy Philipps at Michelle Williams' Home

Busy Philipps auditions for the part of Kim Kelly on Freaks and Geeks

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules having a sleepover

Cougar Town: Jules' birthday, Laurie & Ellie becoming friends?

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules chasing a guy who stole Jules' promotional pictures for her real estate company.

26.01.2011 Busy Philipps on Lopez Tonight

Cougar Town: Laurie & Ellie monster mask

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules at the office. Laurie is changing her panties.

Cougar Town: Girls on their way to the beach

Cougar Town: Girls go to wine bar behind Grayson's back

Busy Philipps answering questions about Cougar Town - again sry for the poor quality

Cougar Town: Laurie & Jules - money and chocolat

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