Check out the sequel to this dance! A bold song for my bold personality. Had fun creating the detail and texture to this piece. Enjoy! Special thanks to everyone who was apart of this, and to Contour Hooligans for the dope tanks! -Brian Puspos The ArchiTEKS Mos Wanted Crew Kub Skoutz Movement Lifestyle Booking info: / Movement Lifestyle Kanauru Productions ( Richard Che and Qui Truong )

Sweet 290 EP available now! Sweet 290 Tour Wasting no time. Just having fun with it, and also a middle finger to bad dancing. Happy New Year! ps. I'll be shooting all my one off dance videos in this same space to keep a nice aesthetic. I like it and I want it to be my thing. Also, lets focus on the dancing less shoes haha. ENJOY! Choreography by Brian Puspos Clothes by Brian Puspos lol Videography by Nick Kim Performed by Brian Puspos, Jun Quemado, Mikey Delavella, Domino Falls, Jason Rodelo Tag Chris, Hype Beast, or anyone if you feeling this!

I've been meaning to release this piece 2 months ago with a concept video, but I never had the time and I didn't have the resources. I was always into rehearsal videos anyways. Straight to the point, and it reminds me of the grind from when I first started As you guys know, working with Chris Brown was always my main dream. I couldn't see myself dancing for any another artist. Excellent performer and has amazing music! I made this piece as if I were Chris Brown and the ArchiTEKS were his dancers. It was awesome to play around with different formations utilizing both ' Chris Brown and dancers equally. As far as the creating process of the choreography, I just had fun with the word play and his runs. Hope you enjoy! I don't mean to choreograph to his songs on purpose. I dance to good music and I like songs about sex ;) The apparel we are wearing during this rehearsal is a new clothing line called 'B Yourself'. The message is self explanatory. To my life, to my choreography, and ect. Never fade into the background! I've always said be a first rated version of yourself instead of a second rated version of someone else. Support! Join fan page !/pages/B-Yourself-Clothing/188337697848552 Dancers: Brian Puspos Patrick Lam Alan Truong Brian Fucanan Mark Fucanan Follow We have big things coming up in 2011. Time to shock this world!

Something a little light since I haven't uploaded anything in a while. No concept - just dance. I really just wanted to dance with these guys again tbh. It's been too long! Thanks Ian and Ade for taking this on basically in one rehearsal. I choreographed this a couple hours after dumb ass dropped his album, and it was just the funnest thing teaching it everywhere in the summer. Speaking of summer - shout out to Bru Vidal and Pau Arnal - This is dedicated to you guys! Big thanks to Gerald for my 1st 4k video! Can't wait to actually work on a concept with you. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Ps. I still fuck with Meek. Just having a little fun. I think. Yours Truly, The H God - Brian Scott Justin Puspos

Went on a little mini hiatus so I can re invent myself as a dancer/choreographer/artist. Getting old in this game, but fortunately I've managed to consistently stay a rookie and a vet. Thank you God for the gift that always gives, and thats the gift of dance. The song is called Foreign. Lucked out and filmed it in Rome, Italy. Didn't want to be cliche/corny and film it in front of a gigantic historical place. So, I kept it real simple and went across the street and found an abandon flower shop. I just wanted to have fun so enjoy! Literally taught these talented guys in one rehearsal. Thank you for being so down! Wish I had Commonless there to shoot this, but I'm very grateful that I had a friend there that did an exceptional job in their place. Thanks Andrea and Simone for making this happen. Shout out to them foreign girls. YUH! *Trey voice* Brian Scott Justin Puspos

This is also dedicated to everyone that I meet all over the world. I don't forget about you guys. You guys mean more to me than you know. It's also very hard to say goodbye to you amazing people. Hope to see you soon! Every move has a meaning and a reason. I hope you can see and feel what I was trying to say through my movement. There is more and different meanings behind this piece. Just ask me in person if you're curious. Make sure your loved ones know that you love them! Life can feel long but it's definitely short. -Brian Puspos The ArchiTEKS Mos Wanted Crew Kub Scoutz Movement Lifestyle Footage by Jason Torres

A Foolish Heart vs. A Wary Mind sums up everything about this piece. There is so much detail and meaning in the choreography, but I think the intention of the piece is what really matters. It takes a lot to put yourself out there and be humiliated. I hope this video can touch you as powerful as my classes were touched. Thank you for accepting my style, my work, and myself.

I had to use the raw audio and a fan made remake of the Gods Plan beat so this video wont be blocked lol. 2018 still catching copyright L's. Catch the true sound and musicality on my twitter or IG. Enjoy!

NOTE: All the dancers and choreographers in this video would like to express that they do not wish to reflect or promote any of the inappropriate lyrics or vulgarity in the songs included in this video. We simply wish to show our knowledge of our bodies through the rythm of voice and beat with out causing offense to anyone. Respect the art form! :)***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author's observations; use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied; summary of an address or article, with brief quotations, in a news report; reproduction by a library of a portion of a work to replace part of a damaged copy; reproduction by a teacher or student of a small part of a work to illustrate a lesson; reproduction of a work in legislative or judicial proceedings or reports; incidental and fortuitous reproduction, in a newsreel or broadcast, of a work located in the scene of an event being reported. Brian Puspos: It's beyond rare not only to meet, but to connect with such inspirational people like Jun and Ian. Just like the movie Never Say Never. It's physically, mentally, and emotionally difficult behind the walls of the industry. Not saying we are on the same caliber as Justin, but we sure can relate in every way. We chose this song because we all felt that it represented us as growing artists, people and friends. We believe 2011 is or well deserved year. We can go no where but up. This last minute project is for the ver lasting memories we had that week. Thank you to the Eastwood family, Ade, and to all the students. To my besties, our determination and hearts will bring us further than we know. I love you guys! LEHGIT!!! OOH OOH OOH.OOH OOH OOH!

The video says it all. Enjoy dancing! Endless thanks for your support :) Yours Truly, Brian Scott Justin Puspos

This one is for the imperfect. I'm sorry. Praying for your happiness.

Twitter/ Instagram: brianpuspos The Legacy: 'Wet The Bed' 'Poppin'

Me and Chachi decided to do something that meant a lot to us before she left for the show. We coincidentally choreographed to the same song and section, so we decided to build the video around that. We definitely wanted to do something fun. Not only did we think it would be funny to play off the student vs. teacher concept, we also though it would be funny to play off the whole IAMME vs MOS WANTED ABDC 6 finals. The subject is a big joke to both sides of course. Especially from me, since I'm from Houston haha. I hope everyone doesn't actually take this video too seriously. Enjoy the dancing! I get emotional nowadays every time I think of training Chachi since she was 9 YEARS OLD. It's such an honor to say her very first hip hop class was with me. She looked exactly the same but a lot shorter haha. To watch her grow under the wings of SoReal and other dance companies was such a pleasure. Everyone in Houston knew she was going to be something more than she would actually realize. Her talent is one of a kind and she deserves everything that is about to happen to her. Chachi, thank you for never stopping. Thank you for sticking with me for 6 years. Your determination and drive will inspire thousands of dancers across the world. Always stay humble and devoted no matter what. You have the greatest support system back at home from your family and friends. Bring it home!!! We are all so proud of you. I love you lil sis. Brian & Chachi Europe Tour in September!!!

I don't care what no one says but ever since Chris Brown's circumstances changed, his music has gotten better and better. It's my number one dream to work for him in some way. Dream big right? I was inspired by this song before I figured out what the song was about. Again, my slower r&b pieces are made with class and sophistication. You don't need to do a body roll or grind the floor to be sexy. It's all in the way you move and how you present yourself. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it with the lights off and on ;) Ps. This piece and another Chris Brown piece was used for a bigger project. Stay tuned :)

Same girl. Different vibe. Unique concept. Am I dancing for what I already have or for what I want? Ed Sheeran in my opinion is one of the greatest song writers of all time. His imagery is so smart , yet you can tell it still comes from a real place in his life. This was a different pocket for me, but I wanted to see how using one of my strongest suits - wordplay would do his song/story telling justice. We played the lyrics along with my movement so the viewer can see how I interpreted his lyrics. Probably have to re watch it if you are interested in analyzing the piece.

Originally I thought I was going to film the most special and personal concept I could ever do. Complications began to arise that almost prevented this release, but things started to appear much clearer as things started to fall apart. The answer was there in front of me the whole time, and it just so happens to be the most reoccurring lyric in the song - reflecting. I had no clue how powerful that you time can be, and the places it can take you. I remember Ian telling me - after I demonstrated this piece to one of my classes I don't know what you're actually thinking about, but whatever it is, I've never seen you so happy. In the end I realized what this piece and this video actually means to me. And I think that's how I'm going to keep it - to myself. Not everything needs to be an open book. Not everything should be a kiss and tell story. Sometimes it's much more special and valuable to hold it in your heart than the world. After all it is MY reflection. When the time comes. Thank you. Wordplay on a hundred thousand. @commonless_ x @brianpuspos

A lot of people don't know I sang before I danced. I'm not even sure If I'm even good haha. Thank you Julia Eastwood (Ian's momma) and JR Aquino for inspiring me to sing again. I hope you guys enjoy!

I live for the nights that I can't remember, with the people that I won't forget. This video isn't for me nor my journey, but for everyone who was there and still here giving my journey purpose. With that being said, I flew out my best friends from Houston that make my saying True friendships can grow separately without growing apart. factual. Couldn't complete this vision without them. This concept isn't even a concept. This is real life, but it's more than just a typical night out in LA with my friends. It's about celebrating with other hard working individuals who happen to be my friends. As artists in our particular art form, we are still overlooked and sometimes omitted from any recognition. We truly deserve more. As you see or will see, I definitely embrace the work hard play hard philosophy. We just want the credit where It's due. As far as the piece goes, a lot of people have been saying they missed the old Brian. That I'm getting too soft and emotional. I totally understand why people would say things like that, but for the people ridiculing me? It's called growing. I can truly say one of my strongest attributes is innovating. I think it's done me pretty well. The song itself doesn't ask for much, so I decided to approach this piece how I choreographed 'City Is Mine' also by drake - with a touch of the new me. I guess you can say the new me is paying homage to the old me. People say that old Drake we started to miss it, but they need to be a little more specific. For anyone who disapproves or is too reluctant to understand any of the above. You are what I call so so or no know so so. I leave you with one of my favorite Drake lines I can't relate to these haters, my enemies never made it. I am still here with who I started with. Biggest thank you: Talented Dancers: @patlam @patcruz @ian_eastwood @adewillis Genius Videography and Editing: @commonless_ @jonjovellanos @jrcap_ Bossman @myronmarten and all the special cameos! Disclaimer for the younger fan base I have. I am a 27 year old man living my 27 year old life. I have zero Justin Bieber qualities. I may live with the Justin Bieber of dance(artistry wise) but don't forget big brother is Drake of dance. I do this :) No I can't put it on mobile, because it won't let me. ENJOY and feel free to share!

Sweet 290 EP available now! Sweet 290 Tour While everyone is still busy on social media trying to appear more smarter, like-able, humble, and righteous. I'm still over here really being me and projecting nothing but that. Everything can get so serious sometimes, and thats why I love this line NOTFOREVERYBODY. It's just unapologetically fun and me. Laugh & smile its almost 2018! This Saturday grab your shirts on available worldwide! Dancers: Trevor Takemoto Hugh Aparente Videographer: Nick Kim

The details are found inside the pocket and flow on this one. I just wanted to have fun dancing with two of my friends, and give you a little tour of the studio I'm creating at. If you are digging the music - Anderson Paak is one of the special collaborators I've worked with for ifimay I still can't believe the power house names I have apart of this thing. Blessed! It'll be worth the wait. Just sit back and enjoy the journey! Sincerely, Brian Scott Justin Puspos

Brian Puspos Choreography to Hope You Do by Chris Brown Learn this piece here! → We're extremely excited to have the opportunity to keep bringing you bangers with Brian! Learn the ENTIRE 3+ minute choreography, only on STEEZY Studio! – STEEZY Squad ___ CHOREOGRAPHY Brian Puspos Dancers Monyett Crump - @crumpitize_me Dom Johnson - @dom_kimura Hugh Aparente - @hughniverse Vu Anh To - @vuuutangclan Julian Burnsed - @julianburnsed Jeffrey Hu - @hu_jeffrey MUSIC Hope You Do by Chris Brown ___ MORE STEEZY AWESOMENESS – Follow Us! Blog: Online Dance Classes: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: _

This piece was based on the character and steez that I've been playing with since my 'Rise and Shine' combo. I hit up all my friends that were in town and set a light structure for the blocking for a more genuine vibe. Thank you to everyone that was apart of this. I hope you enjoy! Make sure you go to the ML TOUR 2 for more information

I tried to bring out the musicality for a song that I believed that wasn't heavy on musicality. This piece was made as an intermediate class for my summer camps, and usually is just thrown away - but I fell in love with it, because of how it made me feel when dancing it. OOOOOooooO get it?! Anyways, thanks Ade Willis and Mikey Dellavella for getting down last minute. ENJOY! If you like the clothing in the video - cop on Want to learn this choreography? Go here: STEEZY Studio helps you become a better dancer with online classes from your favorite choreographers. Huge thank you to The Lab Creative Arts Studio for letting use your space. If you’re in LA, make sure to swing by the studio and take some classes there!

Brian Puspos Choreography to Uproar by Lil Wayne Prod. Swizz Beats Learn this piece here! → ___ CHOREOGRAPHY Brian Puspos DANCERS Dom Johnson - Jason Rodelo - MUSIC Uproar by Lil Wayne Prod. Swizz Beats ___ MORE STEEZY AWESOMENESS – Follow Us! Blog: Online Dance Classes: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: _

I hope you enjoy this sequel to my 'Wet The Bed' piece. If you haven't seen it. You should watch this first. I thought the door led to the restroom ;) Booking info: Twitter: @brianpuspos

This is 1 of 4 pieces I made for the past Summer camps. The other 3 routines I plan on using them for upcoming projects and concept videos :) There's no special meaning for this piece. I just wanted to dance and have a good time. However, I was studying my growth and how much I evolved from my older pieces to my present pieces. I kept myself to this day but I did choreograph with bigger movement back in the day. So, I decided to experiment and mix the old Puspos with the new Puspos, and this is what I got :) I hope you enjoy! Ps. I thought a little Kevin Hart in the beginning would add more to the fun hehe.

Brian Puspos Choreography to KOD by JCole Learn this piece here! → We're extremely excited to have the opportunity to keep bringing you bangers with Brian! – STEEZY Squad ___ CHOREOGRAPHY Brian Puspos Dancers Josh Price - @officialjoshprice Monyett Crump - @crumpitize_me Dom Johnson - @dom_kimura Mikey Dellavella - @mikeydellavella MUSIC KOD by J Cole ___ MORE STEEZY AWESOMENESS – Follow Us! Blog: Online Dance Classes: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: _

I held onto this piece since December. I usually create pieces to express or share, but I made this piece as a test for myself. I wanted to challenge myself in two areas I wanted to explore more in: 1st half: Dancing with just legs 2nd half: Dancing to no words My approach to the musicality has so many subtleties. As all of my work needs to be seen with a keen eye and sensitive ear - this one especially. I wanted my dancing to parallel the song as it crescendos and builds. With that being said, with my usual attempt on pushing on my innovation envelope and dance capabilities - I hope you enjoy my little visual progress report or appreciate DANCING. youstillchasingme? Yours Truly, Brian Scott Justin Puspos

Brian Puspos Official Dance Version to Starting Line. Thanks for watching you can learn this entire piece at home! Click here: We're super excited to work with Brian to bring you the official dance version to his second single on SLAB. Brian wanted to do something simple, no fancy effects, just showcasing great choreo to a dope song. Hope you guys like it! As always learn it on: - STEEZY Squad ___________________________________________ Choreography: Brian Puspos Dancers: Ganmi Music: Brian Puspos - Starting Line Slow Love And Bangin is available worldwide! iTunes: All other formats: ___________________________________________ What is STEEZY Studio? We’re dancers just like you, so we created STEEZY Studio to provide you with online dance classes from your favorite choreographers. STEEZY online dance classes are broken down in a step-by-step and easy to learn format so anyone can learn how to dance! The special video player we created is made specifically to teach dance. You can learn at your own pace and choose different views that help you learn best. STEEZY Classes are better than dance tutorials, they're real class. Huge thank you to The Lab Creative Arts Studio for letting use your space. If you’re in LA, make sure to swing by the studio and take some classes there!

Can I live? haha j/k not that serious, but since I have your attention. Let me continue to contribute to the umbrella of art and it's movement towards its well deserved place. It's a privilege for me because not only is there purpose, but also growth in gods will using the gifts and opportunities he has given me. It's beyond singing or dancing for me, because I'm not just doing it for personal gain. I have every dreamer and believer on my back. I'm honored to be one of the few at the front line pushing forward and fighting for art to be accepted; to be treated equal; and to not be misunderstood. I'm trying my hardest to break boundaries for myself, my craft, and for the upcoming generations. It would be the highest achievement to be 80 years old and see dancing and other art forms still alive and well. I could truly die happy, and say that I was apart of that. So, for all you people watching my every move - trust me. For all you trolls and non believers. G.O.M.D because like it or've been on it for some time ;) ps. For anyone who doesn't agree with the context of my music selection - your opinion isn't valid here as long as theres millions and millions of views on dance videos to songs like 'Anaconda' ;) Thank you to everyone that was apart of bringing my concept to life. It was quite the experience, but we did it! I love you all to death. I hope you all enjoy this short little visual. Feels good to be sharing with you all again. -Brian Scott Justin Puspos

Interrupting your news broadcasting system with a public service announcement: Taking the title back.from myself. No real appropriate meaning to put on here ha. It's simple, feeling good to a feel good track. Enjoy DANCING! Shout out to my friends and my team for making this happen. Don't take this video too serious. Your girlfriends are safe;) Brian Scott Justin Puspos

Sweet 290 EP available now! 'Insomnia' available everywhere! I ask nothing of you but to buy it, stream it, & share it with the world. Official music video coming soon! This single, this upcoming EP, is what makes Produced by & written with August Rigo, the man I collaborated with on this entire Sweet 290 project. I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as I enjoyed growing into my next stage as an artist. Honestly I can show you better than I can tell you. Come 9/4 it's time to prove myself again that I have what it takes to be in this lane. I'm finally going on my first headlining tour. I wanted to wait till I had the proper amount of music to deliver a high caliber show. So please do come get this experience live! You won't regret it - I would love to see everyones dances to 'Insomnia'! Use the hashtag insomniadancechallenge & I'll pick a winner for some free merch :) 9.15 Vancouver - Fortune Sound Club 9.16 Seattle - The Vera Project 10.13 Dallas - The Prophet Bar 10.29 Toronto - The Mod Club 11.03 Houston - Warehouse Live Slow Love And Bangin' EP - Dancers: Jun Quemado, Raymond Ogbogbo Produced by: August Rigo Video by: Vibrvncy Artwork by: Aes

VIDEO WAS TAKEN DOWN WITHIN 9 HOURS! Returned December 7th! GLAD IT'S BACK! This song has such a powerful message. I wanted to create something just as strong. Whether it's with friends, family, significant others, or ect. Everyone has their own trust issues, and almost everyone are afraid to confront those issues. I created this piece as an outlet, a voice, for those people carrying that weight inside of them. As crazy as it sounds, I approached this piece as if I were intoxicated. The whole concept behind this dance was made around that idea, because when you're intoxicated, the truth tends to pour out easily. No holding back and no candy coating. Just raw and pure reality. I'm a very detailed choreographer but I feel like the detail in this piece has even more depth and more meaning. The choreography is like that burden flew out of your chest and started speaking through dance. I hope you guys enjoy. I'm really proud of this piece. PS. Don't drink and drive :) Shout out to my besties(roomies & best friends) Ian Eastwood and Jun Quemado because I was supposed to film this with them but If I waited until our schedules were free, Ian would be 27. Booking Inquiries:

Bruno and his entire story has inspired me on so many levels. His journey in the main stream and white hollywood is so incredible - I too as a filipino american hope to break such boundaries. It was just fitting to get down to his music for my last dance video of 2016- who knows when I'll find time to share with you all again. I think I did a pretty good job balancing dancing, singing, and fashion this year - also trying to share with you all as much as I can (since you know if it's not online it didnt happen lol). BTW Cheers for 10 years I've been pumping dance videos out on this bad boy! Anyways, keep reaching for those dreams! Until next time. I hope you enjoy, and happy holidays! Get ready for my album because it's about to go dowwwwwwwwn! Pre order my EP releasing in a few weeks!

Sweet 290 EP available now! Sweet 290 Tour Finally the tour hits SoCal. SANTA ANA this Thursday at the Observatory Constellation Room in Orange County. The contest is simple I'ma take you & 2 friends to lunch at my favorite KBBQ spot in LA. To enter just buy a ticket tag 3 friends on my IG post of this video. I'll announce the winner DURING MY SHOW so you must be in SoCal to qualify. See ya there!

I approached this piece in a totally different way. Every move and every detail has a purpose or meaning. I was in a different place in my life at the time I was choreographing this piece. Everything was brand new. Brand new perspectives, goals, and a brand new relationship. My mind also wanted to be in the world of the new. So my movements, concepts, musicality, and feelings were changed once again, but I always make sure to keep myself in it :) Even though the title is called 'Making Love'. I totally felt it in a different way. I didn't interpret the song in any sexual way when I first heard it. As corny as it sounds, I interpreted the song as making actual LOVE. Like holding hands, laughing, smiling, and all the other simple things a relationship can provide. ***NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*** This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law. "quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author's observations; use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied; summary of an address or article, with brief quotations, in a news report; reproduction by a library of a portion of a work to replace part of a damaged copy; reproduction by a teacher or student of a small part of a work to illustrate a lesson; reproduction of a work in legislative or judicial proceedings or reports; incidental and fortuitous reproduction, in a newsreel or broadcast, of a work located in the scene of an event being reported.

VOTE FOR MOS WANTED CREW ON ABDC 7! Season starts April 11th but we will be on the 2nd episode on April 18th. We would love your support :) I treated the music like I was handling a woman. The textures, feelings, movement, and word play was fun to toss around in this piece. The perfect balance of lust and love. I hope you enjoy. Shout out to the ArchiTEKS Philippines for some inspiration :P

*CHEESY DON'T CARE ALERT* These are some old pieces I did that were inspired by RELATIONSHIPS. I have experienced so much during these last couple of years. I've learned that a bunch of ups can't overcome a couple of downs. I've also learned that you need more than LOVE to make things work. I'm not a perfect boyfriend but I know I'm learning and progressing everyday. My last advice for you love birds is to learn how to live your life and then separately learn how to live your lives together. You will find yourselves clashing and at a stand still if you don't have your own life to keep you grounded and sane.These songs perfectly described a point in my life and I couldn't help but translate it through dance. I feel like my dance has evolved but still managed to keep myself. I hope you enjoy them and take in what I am trying to say. I taught these pieces to my good friends and I'm forever thankful for their feedback. Just wanted to say that you guys give me motivation and inspire me to work harder. I promise I got you all! I love you! Endless thank you's to Fao and the Vibe company for having me in Oslo Norway! AMAZING PEOPLE! Shameless Twitter plug:

I believe I always lived the greatest love story, but even the most beautiful stories have their horrid chapters. 7 long years I found myself constantly chasing after something that I thought was my soul mate. I attempted to give my heart away many times within that duration, and realized It was impossible because someone else still had it. During those years I saw it as an opportunity to bettering myself as a man, and all the traits I thought that she deserved, after all she deserved a superman. In the end no transformation into any man could sway her back in my arms. Me being so stubborn and determined never stopped me. As many of you know I always fought what I believed in. Never give up on something you love. but when do you stop being defeated? When does the self humiliation end? Is this worth the pain? I then realized the simplistic brutal truth that I knew was there the whole time, and didn't want to accept it. It's not going to happen. It's not going to work out. It's not worth it anymore. I held on when she let go a long time ago. It just wasn't meant to be. Today marks a really big moment for me. As hard as it is I know I have to. It's my turn to let go. In the end the people that do matter will always be there for you. That's the real love. I now see that this wasn't my greatest love story. My greatest love story is yet to be told, and I'm excited to tell it with whoever it may be. To you: You can't say I didn't try lol. I haven't felt this happy since the day I met you, which is in 4 days. Happy Anniversary? haha but seriously, thank you so much for this journey. You are the real reason why I'm living my dream. You are the real reason why I'm the man I am today. I'd spend lifetimes trying to repay you. Well, at least you know that there is one man out there capable of loving you so much. I thank God for allowing me to share such an experience with a woman so beautiful. I wish you the best as always. Goodbye. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. - 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 I await this :) Thank you Commonless for translating my thoughts into cinema. You are true masters at your craft. Shameless plug for the homie: If you like what you listened to then make sure to go support Travis Garland and his new single! Yes that's him in the video as a special cameo. Word play on a hundred thousand.

Based on a true story - I return with another romantic and poetic re enactment. The feeling of bringing joy to someone is incredible, especially when it's someone you love. Everyone deserves to feel special from time to time. No matter how big or small the gesture is - from something grand to a simple I love you - can be so impactful. It can truly make a difference and turn bad days into good; Frowns into smiles; Doubts into certainties. I challenge you to make someone smile everyday, and experience the joy it brings. You're welcome. I approached the choreography of this piece to be somewhat simple in hopes it can still be powerful. The wordplay is unique on this one. I hope you can catch it. Yes, I wear normal clothes. I don't wear suits all the time haha. Special thanks to Commonless again. I'm so lucky to have a you guys as friends and not business partners. Remember to give your all not only in love but in life. I promise it will give it back just as much. I truly give my all to you. Thank you for giving your all to me. Yours Truly, Brian Puspos

Last minute cover. Just wanted to sing some feelings out.

Continuing my hopeful journey to being undeniable in another art form with some good friends that are masters at theirs. Enjoy - all fun and love. Thank you for your support. BSY! yesgrowth but noswitchup. Yours Truly, Brian Scott Justin Puspos Follow Produced By Andy Lange Shot/Edited by @BennyBanksKiD

Last November I set my goals I wanted to achieve for the upcoming year. It was the scariest thing, because everything I wanted to achieve were endeavors that were in uncharted territory. It felt good to be able to re dream and execute from ground zero. I formed a singing collective called BSY (Blood Sex & Years) and toured all over the country performing and creating. I got to explore and learn with my friends and mentors. I created my own company in the fashion lane with my best friend as my right hand. Everyone knows that fashion is a huge part of me. Having a clothing line to be another outlet for my creativity helps my overall vision in general. Things I'm not able to put in dance or song - I can translate through a lifestyle. I began the process of building my own studio in the Philippines. I wanted to create a training ground to where I can provide the community with first hand knowledge of dance. Bringing in the creators and masters of all dance genres was something I felt is super important for growth. I wanted to give back to the people that I owe a lot of my career too. It'll come to fruition slowly but surely. Taking on all these ambitions and making sure I was growing as a dancer, choreographer, student, boyfriend, friend, son, and ect. has absolutely made this toughest chapter in my life. It's vital to always set aside some time for yourself, but instead I sacrificed that time so I can achieve my biggest dream thus far. Most importantly I set the biggest personal goal for myself. To be able to fuse music and dance in a way no one has done. In the world of dance we can't deny that we rely on the inspiration and the work from musicians. On the other side of the spectrum - musicians rely on people like us to interpret their music. To feel and to create. It's pretty cool because It's a big circle of inspiration and a beautiful marriage between movement and music. Well, I want to break that mold, and collide those worlds together. Taking on both artistic roles so I can share myself in its most purest form possible. I want to able to tell my story and experiences in a package like no other. My fingers are actually trembling as I type this last paragraph. I'm nervous as hell, but I know it will all be worth it in the end. Thank you all for your patience this year - now you finally know why I've been more absent in my sharing. So with that being said.welcome to the next book in my life. a dance album, EP, tape, or whatever you want to label it. I see it as just me.doing me again. So. if i may. Brian Scott Justin Puspos

One of the biggest challenges in life is finding the right balance. Distributing time, energy, and love to everything and everyone important to you is difficult. Well, difficult for me. I’ve always been some what of a yes man. Of course I say no to the things that compromise my integrity, morality, and safety - but besides those few exceptions I always find myself ready and willing to be there for any special person in my life. A friend can ask me to ride into battle with him, and before he could finish his sentence, I would already be charging the field. I was raised to be selfless. It’s who I am. That quality is definitely one of my strengths, but at the same time - it is my weakness. Putting yourself before others is far from the challenge. Like I said, it’s the balance. Balancing all those factors with my purpose; to be the greatest person God intended me to be; to always reach for my potential but hardly make it. Unfortunately, I apply that purpose to everything, thus creating that big challenge. I find myself so busy trying to be the greatest man, friend, lover, teacher, student, and artist I can be - I forget to be the greatest son I can be. After all, I owe it to my parents for passing their kind giving hearts onto me. They are the reason I’m that way. The greatest role models this world has the privilege of having. They have been saving lives for over 40 years now making hard earned money to provide for 3 children. Obtaining the true perfect balance that I will also strive to achieve. Thank you both for being top tier parents. To my mommy, I could never repay you for everything you have done for me, but I will continue to try my hardest. The way you still watch after all your brothers and sisters. The way you still care and tend to Lola. Those are the examples I try to live by. My dreams would never be so attainable without your love and support.There was small period of time where I was envious of other people in my line of work, because they always had their parents around, but I realized your support and love is so strong it doesn’t need to be present all the time. Thank you a million times over and over. I think of you every day. I pray for you every night. I miss you all the time. You still look 20 lol I love you. Yours Truly, Brian Scott Justin Puspos Shout out to Commonless for pushing the creative boundaries with this one. I always got you. Shout out to Passion for allowing me to use this beautiful song as an outlet. You are truly one of the most talented people this world offers. My mother deserves more than a 6 minute video. If you want to see just the dancing..its literally one click away

In High School (at least mine), jamming to B2K wasn't cool but I didn't care, I did me. I knew everyone secretly liked B2K at one point so quit your lying! You know you wanted to take your girlfriend to all those SCREAM Tour's HAHA Anyways I thought it would be cool to bring back an old school R&B song from my generation. I had fun creating the detail in the choreography and capturing the groove of the song and words. Sony wouldn't let me put the real song so I hope you can fully enjoy it with the raw audio. Thank you to all the students in Seattle(USA) Liestal,Solothurn,Yverdon,Luzern(Swizterland) Ulm,Hannover,Frankfurt,Karlsruhe(Germany) Best friends Patrick Lam and Brian Fucanan for being there for the whole process! In a couple of days I will be posting the same combo with the Sh*t Kingz and RNG! Moshibeh

Reunited and it feels so good. Always a pleasure to work with one of my best friends. Especially a really super talented one. Follow us @brianpuspos @jraquino

I know my descriptions are just as impactful as the visual, but I can't really pull from the usual depths of my heart with this piece. I obviously just wanted to have fun with this one. I wanted the song, video, choreography to translate the same thing. Cool fun, inventive, and creative. Everything has been so serious lately, and sometimes as people we forget to have fun. Dance is supposed to be fun. Life is supposed to be fun! Don't forget to smile sometimes. Smiling can cure multitudes of negativity and create volumes of positivity. Silver magic shoes, color changing dance floor, corny jokes, a mystery man, friends, and dancing!? I invite you guys to another side of my imagination. I hope you can appreciate yet another story from my team and I. Keone Madrid - The greatest role model for me and this community. Been watching him since 2005 BEFORE youtube! Thank you for all you have done for me and for this world. I read a book. *Ben Stiller voice* Vinh Nguyen - Probably the most easy person to be around. Your heart is bigger than your body, and your talent is even bigger homie. Thank you I'M _ _ _ !!!! haha Commonless - self explanatory you, you just here to spread the story. Shout out to you. .it definitely makes me believe in something. Wash the worries off your mind tonight. Yours Truly, Brian Puspos