Another video in our series about owning and using your car trailer. In this video, we explain the GMC trailer brake controller system in the GMC Sierra and how it interacts with the trailer braking system.

The Regen Mode (Regeneration Mode for emissions) on My 2015 GMC Duramax STINKS! The 9th injector down pipe seems to have a bad connection and it is causing smoke and fumes to enter the closed cabin of the truck and stinks really bad. Update, I found out there is a TSB 15457 (SPECIAL COVERAGE ADJUSTMENT - DIESEL FUEL ODOR) that should cover this so I took it to the dealer on a Sunday night explaining this happens in regen mode and leaving a link to the video. Got a call back on Monday afternoon from the Service Adviser and he starts out the conversation by saying he took it for a drive and he did not smell anything. I about lost it on him but I first asked if they placed it in regen mode and did he look at the video, I got a NO from him. He them proceeds to confirm there is a TSB and even though they did not smell it they would do the TSB. Now why could he not have just done the TSB and said it is all fixed, come and get it?

This is a video we put together on using Raptor by U-POL as an undercoating and underside finish for both drivers and show cars. This application will be used on our 1950 Chevy 5 window Truck project. CLICK HERE TO BUY:

Well it has been 1 year and 36K miles since we bought the 2017 GMC Denali Sierra 1500. In this video, we will review the good, the not so good, reliability and costs for the Denali. check out the videos below for related content. Check it out and leave a comment and let us know what you think! Original Denali Review Denali vs Ford F150

Gas Or Diesel? Which Is Best For You??? The Full Octane Garage owned a 2015 GMC Denali Sierra 2500 pick up with the Durmax Diesel 6.6 and they replaced it with a new 2018 GMC Denali Sierra 1500 pick up with the 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine. Take a ride with us as we share our decision process of which is best for you, Gas Or Diesel??? GMC Break controller explained 2017 GMC Denali 1 year review Accessories for your GMC Denali

The Full Octane Garage just purchased the new 2018 GMC Denali Sierra 1500 pick up with the 6.2L V8. Take a ride with us as we share our first impressions of the latest, top of the line truck in the GMC line up! GMC Break controller explained 2017 GMC Denali 1 year review Accessories for your GMC Denali

The Full Octane Garage got to spend a week with the Jaguar XJ R-Sport and put it thru its paces. Join us as we review one of the largest sports cars on the market today!

We review the latest addition to our fleet, the 2017 GMC Denali Sierra 1500. Includes the 1st footage from our new Phantom4! Tell us what you think!

A friend of mine purchased a car from Carvana recently and really enjoyed the experience. Kinda like a giant car vending machine. check it out!

The Full Octane Garage was called out to take a quick spin in the RENNtech R2, Stage2 Mercedes Benz E63s. There is no disguising the 840hp, 0 to 60 in 2.2 seconds Monster so. they made it as cool outside as it is fast! Just had the IphoneX, but. I think you will get the picture.

The Full Octane Garage, and our good friend Robert, compare the GMC 1500 and the Ford F150. The two owners swapped trucks for a everyday drive comparison. Stayed tuned and see how they matched up!

Our friend Paul took the time to sit down with the Full Octane Garage and share his incredible 2300 mile journey to collect a replica of a 1952 Jaguar XK120. This beautiful 25 year old reproduction only had one major concern. its brand new top was not installed!

The Full Octane Garage took the opportunity to drive the 1st generation Telsa Roadster along with the new release, the Model 3.

This video covers the Review & Installation of WeatherTech No-Drill Mud Flaps for a 2018 GMC Denali To purchase this product and support our page please use the following link:

This is a review and installation video of my experience with the ICT Billet AC compressor accessory Bracket on a LS Vortec 5.3 CLICK HERE TO BUY:

The Full Octane Garage pounced upon the opportunity to drive the new 2017 Jaguar XE 35t for the past week. Check it out as we put the new Jaguar thru its paces! Thanks to Jaguar Nashville for the use of the new XE!

This is a video on the soda blasting and paint stripping process on project Pink Floyd a 1960 C1 Corvette. WE used the Eastwood Dual Blast along with about 600 lbs of soda.

The Full Octane team joined the Blacktop Rally for a 3 day, 800 mile journey. 7 exotic cars, 14 car enthusiasts and unlimited great times. Subscribe and stay tuned for the full feature to come!

This is a review and installation video of my experience with the high mount narrow bay ICT Billet AC Bracket Review LS or Vortec Part 551352-3. This uses a Sanden Mini 7176 compressor. CLICK HERE TO BUY:

The Full Octane Garage checked out the LaFerrari at Velocity Motorcars!

The Full Octane Garage teamed up with GC Performance to bring you the Jaguar XJ220, the fastest production car in the world during it's time! Come along as we tell the story and take this incredible car on the road.

The Full Octane Garage 1963 Corvette Split Window is up for sale $89,000 Don’t miss this opportunity to buy a very rare piece of automotive history/art. This car is one of the few investment grade vehicles and it can only keep appreciating. This is a great looking example of a 1963 Corvette Split Window. The car was restored 3 years ago and has been garage kept since with less than 2000 miles since completion. New Paint (Original Riverside Red with Black Interior car) New Chrome Freshly Rebuilt numbers matching 327 New Hurst 5 Speed Tremac (TKO500) New Clutch Rebuilt Alternator New Vintage Air New Power Brake and Master All new brake drums, shoes and internal parts Dewitts Radiator with built in cooling fan New Carpet AM/FM Retro Vintage Wonder Bar Radio (still have the original) I have the original heater box and some other original parts if the new owner wanted to remove the Vintage A/C Questions call Curt: 615-669-4438

This is a non-sponsored review of the Eastwood Brake Tube Flaring Tool (Item 25304). This is the firs time we used the tool and it is worth every penny of the $207.09 price tag. This is a great tool for the DIY home mechanic or professional. Easy to use and almost fool proof. CLICK HERE TO BUY:

2017 Auburn Cord Duesenberg Citrus Meet & Boca Raton Concours d'elegance

The Full Octane Garage reviews the 2015 Audi S5 Cabriolet after about 6 months of time with it! Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 14

The Full Octane Garage participated in the Annie Rose Foundation Poker Run. The event raises funds to fight cancer for children. Over 60 cars participated, including a Jaguar XJ220 and a Porsche Carrera GT!

GC Performance Classics has gathered some of the rarest Supercars together to celebrate their Open House. The Full Octane Garage was there to see it and bring you the highlights. Check out the Jaguar Xj220 AND the 1 of 5 XJ220S, the XJR15 and a 1 of 16 AC Cobra Competition, among other great cars!

The Full Octane Garage attended the Armore Car Show in Ardmore, TN. Friendly people, beautiful cars and Mildreds for lunch! Thanks for having us , Ardmore! Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 14

Full Octane Garage attended the Debute Party for the Jaguar F-Pace and XE at Jaguar Nashville. Later that evening, we attended the Debute Party at Music City Motor Cars for the new Maserati Levante! Very professional and entertaining evening put on by both of these fine dealers.

Full Octane Garage attended the new showroom Celebration for Music City Dream Cars! Located just off of Armory Drive along side Titan Motoring. What a great time! Go by and check the out!

Full Octane Garage Short Cut featuring the Music City Jaguar Club President (we call him Faster.Bob Faster) and his 1969 Jaguar E Type! Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 14

My 56 Bel Air Is Possessed! This is an episode of Strange Car Stories talking about a 56 Bel Air that had to be possessed! We want to hear about your Strange Car Stories! Please submit your Strange Car Story at and we will get back to to ASAP.

Low car, no problem! This video explains the selection process we followed to pick out which race ramps were best for our application. We have also included a Race Ramp Review. Link to Part 2 - Ramp Xtenders - We show you how to use your Race Ramps! These are a safe alternative to jack stands! If you see some value in our review and plan on purchasing any of the items we reviewed (at the best price and FREE shipping) then please use our links below to help support the channel. Race Ramps RR-XT-2 67-Inch Race Ramps RR-EX-14 67 Xtender If you feel you need the slightly lower 72 inch ramps please use this link:

I keep thinking I am 2 more weeks away and that keeps happening every 2 weeks I need to get this one completed because the new custom chassis comes in next week for my 1957 GMC project I finally made some decent progress this weekend and actually got it back down on the wheels. I have the engine bay just about complete, wood for the bed is sealed ready to install, made seat brackets and got the seats installed and completed all of the electrical and A/C. The electrical was a pain because I decided to mount the fuse box and computer under the passenger seat and I had to extend a lot of wires. I was able to keep the engine bay pretty clean, installed all of the wiring under the passenger front fender and have a drop out battery box under the passenger floor. I had to try 3 different pipes before I was finally able to get the air intake route to work, it was very tight up against my radiator fan. I still need to fab up a support bracket for the intake piping.

The Full Octane Garage presents the top 5 Accessories for the GMC Denali Sierra Pick Up!

This is a review of a one man pneumatic brake bleeder from Harbor Freight. The results are surprising! We found a very similar unit on Amazon and if you use the link below to support our channel you will get FREE SHIPPING! Harbor freight Pittsburgh® Automotive - Item 92924

The Full Octane Garage covers the unboxing, installation and operation of the UnderCover Bed Cover on a 2018 GMC 1500 Sierra. and. Yes there are Outtakes. If you plan on buying this bed cover and you liked our video please consider supporting our channel by using the following purchase link and it will include FREE SHIPPING

The Full Octane Garage covered one of the area's largest car events of the year, Exotic Weekend at Nashville Cars and Coffee! We included video of every row, so watch for your ride and give us a shout out!

60 Degrees in August, Rare Lambo, Jeep, BMW and Subaru peeps out in force. Great Day, fellow car people.. Great Day. Now like and subscribe. Curt said he is starving. LOL. Thanks for watching.

The Full Octane Garage was invited down to Porsche North American Headquarters in Atlanta by Hagerty's for a special meet and greet and to check out the Driving Experience! Wow. Im sold! Sign me up for a new 911 GTS!

The Full Octane Garage joined many friends and car enthusiasts at a track event hosted by the Music City Mustang Club at the Nashville SuperSpeedWay. Exotics to muscle to Miatas, they were all there.

Now that the 1972 Jaguar E-type 2+2 V12 is back in Nashville, the real work begins. We will walk you thru the evaluation, starting and testing then begin the restoration.

We created this video as a trailer rehab project on what needs to be done and can be done to an older enclosed trailer. This also has a focus on trailers with Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (FRP) where repair or panel replacement is required.

A quick video on a new product introduced to us by Zlatko. Used as a dog grooming tool, the SleekEZ quickly and thoroughly gathers hair imbedded in cloth material where it can be easily removed with a vacuum. check it out! As it does have a metal edge exercise caution and make sure you do not damage the material. To purchase this item and to support our channel please use the following link:

The Full Octane Garage put a Fujitsu mini split to the test! HOT, sunny day, 700 square foot garage at 98 degrees. can the 24,000BTU heat pump inverter system keep the garage cool and comfortable? James not only hosts some of the Full Octane Garage videos, he has also been an HVAC contractor for over 30 years. Stay with and get your questions answered. Also, check out our other video about heating and cooling options for your garage and we walk you thru a minisplit installation. Also, dont forget to check us out on FB and Instagram!

We picked up two foam cannons and 2 different pressure washers and decided to do a shoot out challenge (and there was a small bet with a foam cannon penalty at the end)! Check out our detailed DUSICHIN DUS-003 review at: First we picked up a Gilmour Foamaster II Cleaning Sprayer Second we picked up a a DUSICHIN Foam Cannon and decided to do a test and review on our 2015 GMC Denali. The results were awesome, leave us some comments on what you use and how well it works for you! DUSICHIN DUS-003 3000 PSI High Pressure Washer Gun, M22 Thread, Snow Foam Lance, Snow Foam Cannon BE SURE TO CHECK OUT PART 1 OF THE Foam Cannon Challenge Head to Head Test (Foam Off) We picked up a DUSICHIN Foam Cannon and decided to do a test and review on our 2014 C7 Corvette. The results were awesome, leave us some comments on what you use and how well it works for you! We picked up a a DUSICHIN Foam Cannon and decided to do a test and review on our 2015 GMC Denali. The results were awesome, leave us some comments on what you use and how well it works for you! DUSICHIN DUS-003 3000 PSI High Pressure Washer Gun, M22 Thread, Snow Foam Lance, Snow Foam Cannon Link to $23.90 Foam Cannon + Gun Link to $12.00 Foam Cannon (Price increase - now $16.58) M22 Female X 3/8 Quick Connect Socket MT-24.0448 Chemical Guys CWS_101 Maxi-Suds II Super Suds Car Wash Soap and Shampoo, Cherry Scent 2 Pack Super absorbent Premium Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt,Double-sided,Scratch- Free,Lint-Free Griots Garage 55590 PFM Terry Weave Drying Towel

1966 Split Ray Corvette at the 2017 Good Guys Nashville

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake S AWD is finally available in the USA and Full Octane Garage got a 1st peak courtesy of the fine folks at Jaguar Nashville. Is it a car or an SUV or a wagon? Its a Sportbrake!