Benin, West Africa. Possotomé. Zangbeto are the traditional voodoo guardians of the night in the Yoruba religion of Benin. Music Akbadja Mihouagbo by Les Appiahs du Bénin

Visiting the countryside by motorbike. Kannon village on our way to Possotomé. Crossing Lake Ahémé by boat. music Migni Avalé by Les Appiahs du Bénin

С. Сопелев Ельня - наша первая победа. Лекция в МФЮА 12 января 2017

Benin, West Africa. Ouidah. Royal palace. A revenant is a visible ghost or animated corpse that is believed to have returned from the grave to terrorize the living.

Евразия экономикалык биримдиги маселесин жакында Жогорку Кеңеш өкмөттү чакырып, талкуулайт. 180 миллион адамдык рынок эмне үчүн толук ачылбай жатат? Кандай тоскоолдуктар бар? Кыргызстан жалгыз бул уюмга көз каранды болбой башка багыттарды дагы издеши керекпи? Парламентаризм сабактары , - КТРКдан 12-январда саат 18:00дө көрүңүз, Пирамида - 13-январь 9:30. Катышуучулар: Абдывахаб Нурбаев, Алмаз Сазбаков жана Ленара Ниязбекова. Жогорку Кеңештин Басма сөз кызматы.

1999 Президент наш – обманщик и вор, И такое его окружение - Депутаты все, судьи и ген.прокурор Лицемеры все без исключения Генералы уже ахренели совсем, Сами тянут конфликт на Донбасе, Откатали уже сотни теневых схем, А солдат беспощадно колбасят… И Европа уже отвернулась от нас, И в Россию уже путь закрытый, Ну и что остаётся народу сейчас? – Голодать, отдавая кредиты.

A fancam video of cast of Master entering Plaza Singapura for their meet and greet session on 12 Jan 2017.

Milan - Torino 2-1 Gol & Highlights Coppa italia gennaio 12/2017 HD Milan - Torino 2-1 Highlights - Ampia Sintesi | Gen, 12/2017 AC Milan vs Torino 2-1 All Goals & Highlights Coppa italia HD Joe Hart suffers brutal head injury playing for Torino in AC Milan clash Joe Hart subisce lesioni alla testa brutale giocare per Torino in Milan scontro ميلان - تورينو 2-1 الأهداف وأضواء كأس إيطاليا يناير 12/2017 HD ميلان - تورينو 2-1 يبرز - ملخص واسعة | الجنرال، 12/2017 ميلان مباراة تورينو 2-1 جميع الأهداف وأضواء HD 2017/12/01 كأس ايطاليا جو هارت يعاني إصابة في الرأس وحشية اللعب لتورينو لميلان اشتباك Milan - Torino 2-1 Gol y Destacados Coppa italia gennaio 12/2017 HD Milán - Torino 2-1 Highlights - Ampia Sintesi | Gen, 12/2017 AC Milan vs Torino 2-1 Todos los goles & Highlights Coppa italia HD Joe Hart sufre brutal lesión en la cabeza jugando para Torino en el choque del AC Milan Milan - Torino 2-1 Gol & Points forts Coppa italia gennaio 12/2017 HD Milan - Torino 2-1 Faits saillants - Ampia Sintesi | Gén, 12/2017 AC Milan vs Turin 2-1 Tous les buts et points forts Coppa italia HD Joe Hart souffre d'une blessure à la tête brutale pour Torino dans l'affrontement AC Milan มิลาน - โตริโน่ 2-1 กอลและไฮไลท์โคปปาอิตาเลีย gennaio 12/2017 HD มิลาน - โตริโน่ 2-1 ไฮไลท์ - Ampia สังเคราะห์ | เก็น 12/2017 เอซีมิลาน VS โตริโน่ 2-1 เป้าหมายและไฮไลท์โคปปาอิตาเลีย 2017/12/01 HD ทั้งหมด โจฮาร์ทได้รับความทุกข์บาดเจ็บที่ศีรษะโหดร้ายเล่นให้กับโตริโน่ในเอซีมิลานปะทะกัน Joe Hart Horror Head Injury - AC Milan vs Torino 0-1- Coppa Italia 12.01.2017Joe Hart Horror Head Injury - AC Milan vs Torino 0-1- Coppa Italia

DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: 12-1-17 6:02 pm LOCATION: 7701 North Ave Ste 223 CITY: Lemon Grove INCIDENT DETAILS: A fire started in a bedroom for unknown reasons. Residents evacuated. No injuries. The apartment is damaged along with smoke and water damage to 3 other apartments. 6 displaced, with the American Red Cross coming to help. Fire investigators will be looking into the fire. HANDLING AGENCIES: Heartland and SDSO



추위로 찾아온 12월 It's a bitterly cold winter morning. It's colder than yesterday and the wind chill is only making it feel colder than the actual temperatures. Dress in layers and cover up. The air is getting drier each day with dry weather alerts in place in most of the east. including Busan and Daegu. Drink plenty of water and apply a good amount of moisturizer. As for the highs, Seoul will make it to 3 degrees Celsius. while the rest of nation will also have single digit afternoon highs with 8 degrees down in Busan. The harsh start to December will start to ease from tomorrow. but be aware of a mix of rain and snow on Sunday. With that, let's take a look at the international weather for viewers around the world. While colder air has gripped much of the nation mostly under sunny skies, North Korea will have colder temperatures under brighter skies. As for major cities in Asia.Seoul seems to be the coldest city on Friday, Beijing will have a repeat of yesterday's weather conditions. Meanwhile, the heat has eased in Melbourne. but a dangerous storm will batter the state, it could possibly dump three months' worth of rain in three days. Heading to North America, Vancouver hit a weather record in November with only three dry days. According to Environment Canada, it rained 27 out of 30 days in November and it's a rainy start to December as well. As for South America, major cities will have highs in the twenties but it could be rainy or sunny depending on the region. Taking you to Europe. other than Rome, most cities will have single digit highs. Lastly to Africa, Algiers will have a rainy Friday. That's all the weather update for now. Arirang News Facebook: ------------------------------------------------------------ [Subscribe Arirang Official YouTube] ARIRANG TV: ARIRANG RADIO: ARIRANG NEWS: ARIRANG K-POP: ARIRANG ISSUE: ARIRANG CULTURE: ------------------------------------------------------------ [Visit Arirang TV Official Pages] Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Homepage: ------------------------------------------------------------ [Arirang K-Pop] YouTube: Facebook: Google+:

DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: 12-1-17 5;41 pm LOCATION: Market St & 30th CITY: San Diego INCIDENT DETAILS: A husband and wife were buying tires at Joe’s Tires and appeared to both be intoxicated according to the employees. The husband wanted more beer and walked across the street to the 76 Gas Station. On his way back, he didn’t have any extra beer and was struck by another husband and wife driving westbound on Market. The victim was transported to UCSD. Market St was closed between 32nd and 30th for approx 1 1/2hours. HANDLING AGENCIES: SDPD

DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: 12-1-17 7;10 pm LOCATION: 1005 47th St CITY: San Diego INCIDENT DETAILS: A 15-year-old female was hit while walking in a crosswalk. She was transported to a local hospital. The male driver was tested and arrested for DUI. HANDLING AGENCIES: SDFD & SDPD


$145 Million Mega Millions Jackpot – Friday December 1, 2017. Good Luck Everyone!


DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: 12-1-17 9:19 pm LOCATION: 10331 Escadera Dr CITY: Lakeside INCIDENT DETAILS: Husband and Wife were out celebrating her retirement. They just sold their home and are moving to IDAHO. They came home to find their house full of smoke. The fire dept. arrived and put out the small fire. They found 5 dead cats inside. All of the dogs 4 made it out alive. The home is heavily damaged. The American Red Cross has arrived to help. Arson investigators are present. HANDLING AGENCIES: Heartland (Lakeside and Santee)


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This video is about FJH 7b Tournament v Clear Lake 12012017

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First video in a while! A lot has been accomplished. Nearly hit a tree @0:48, haha! Shout out to my guys Pedro and Yoyo who did all the stone and brick work- thanks guys, looks fantastic!

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Title: Walking In The Newness of Life Teacher: Bro. Azariah Reader: Bro. Torrence This is a LIVE Streamed event. Thanks for watching! SABBATH DAY LIVE LINK - TEXT LESSON LINK - The Israel of God LOCATIONS: Peace in Jesus' name!

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