Akamai is a pioneer in the CDN and cloud services. Akamai’s CEO, Tom Leighton, talks about the evolution of content delivery services and how Akamai’s CDN blocks web security threats and optimizes the web experience for users on any device, anywhere. To learn more, visit .

Our first video in a series that explains the concepts and technology behind the basics of caching. Additional resources to learn more: A blog post introducing the video series: Note: all opinions expressed are my own and not those of my employer

Check out this Akamai Virtual Reality demo! Get a first hand experience as an Akamai Security Expert and mitigate a DDoS attack at our state-of-the-art Security Operations Command Center (SOCC). Akamai’s SOCC is a global operation with dedicated facilities in Bangalore, Krakow, Tokyo, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our deep platform visibility across Akamai’s Intelligent Platform, automation capabilities, skilled staff, and processes will continue to evolve to keep you protected from sophisticated attacks.

May.03 -- Akamai Technologies Inc. Chief Executive Office and Co-Founder Tom Leighton discusses first-quarter earnings and future growth. He speaks on Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.

What's it like to work at this fast-growing content delivery and cloud services company? Computerworld checked out the scene at Akamai's Cambridge, Mass., headquarters. Click here to subscribe to IDG.tv: Check out our website for our full video collection: Like IDG.tv on Facebook: Follow IDG.tv on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:

This talk describes what is the DNS protocol, and why it is important to know it in order to understand how the Internet works.

Mr. Tokunaga, President, Akamai Technologies GK in Japan, provides insights on Akamai’s history in Japan, as well as our vision and challenge for the future.

Akamai’s office in San Jose, Costa Rica, opened in 2012 and quickly grew to more than 200 employees—with more growth ahead—but the team still sees itself as one big family as a great place to work.

Akamai’s San Francisco office has adopted the “work hard, play hard” energy of the city and California tech industry. The office features an open floor-plan to spur collaboration and colleagues from a wide cross-section of Akamai. To learn more, visit:

Did you know that you can automate Akamai tasks related Luna Control Center without having to log in? Join this session to learn about how you can achieve this using different APIs like PAPI, GTM, and others. We'll showcase in-house tools which will leverage APIs to a) create, edit and push configurations, b) get GTM liveness test details across your account, c) get origin details like hostname, cache keys, certificate info across your accounts, and d) invoke Virtual Prioritization-related functions using the Akamai command-line interface. We will demonstrate how Akamai APIs can help you save time and resources across your Akamai deployment.

Akamai 雲端安全解決方案,能保護您的網站及 IT 基礎架構的三個關鍵元素︰DNS、Web 應用程式,以及整個資料中心。

Akamai’s office in San Jose, Costa Rica, opened in 2012 and quickly grew to more than 100 employees—with more growth ahead—but the team still sees itself as one big family. For more information, visit:

Akamai Technologies CEO Tom Leighton discusses the company's cloud security and media businesses. » Subscribe to CNBC: About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: Find CNBC News on Facebook: Follow CNBC News on Twitter: Follow CNBC News on Google+: Follow CNBC News on Instagram: Akamai Technologies CEO Tom Leighton On Improving Cloud Security And Media Businesses | CNBC

What Is A CDN (Content Delivery Network) And How Does It Work? === SOCIAL

In Insights for Application Delivery, Kevin Lamont presents a tour of Akamai's Network Operations Control Center (NOCC) showing how the Akamai Global CDN improves performance for enterprise application delivery. The NOCC is where Akamai network services professionals identify Internet traffic problems, defend against web security threats and respond to mobile network and application acceleration needs. The NOCC is where Akamai optimizes the web experience for millions of Internet users around the world. Hosted by Greg Lord. For more, visit

Providing operational simplicity, performance and origin offload, the Edge Redirector Cloudlet offloads large volumes of 301 and 302 redirects to the Akamai edge with an API and an easy to use interface that is intuitive for both technical and non-technical users. For more information, visit:

Malayala Manorama is the largest and oldest regional publishing house in India. With more than 2.4 million subscribers to their flagship Malayala Manorama newspaper, they are leaders in print, television, digital and e-commerce in their market. As a regional language player with a global presence, Malayala Manorama caters to a large audience across various segments in India as well as ethnic Indian Malayali community groups elsewhere in the world. See how a partnership between Malayala Manorama and Akamai that has spanned more than 10 years continue to push the boundaries in the digital forefront.

Wouldn't it be nice for your organization to know and assess dangerous IPs before they even arrive? In this video, learn how Akamai's Client Reputation can stop malicious client before they can attack based on our visibility into the prior behavior of individual IP addresses. Visit to discover more.

Akamai is the leading cloud computing services and content delivery network (CDN) provider for media and software delivery, application performance, and cloud security solutions. Visit Akamai - Cloud Computing Services Link: Visit Altitude Media Link: Visit Travel and Lifestyle TV Link:

Akamai’s Singapore office was established in 2008 and is the company’s Asia Pacific headquarters. The office is rooted the company’s “ideas culture” and reflects the diversity of Singapore and the region. For more information, visit:

Learn how to get started with Akamai on Azure CDN, our newest provider, using both the Azure portal and a PowerShell script. We explore the features and options in setting up an endpoint, and look at reasons for using multiple CDN providers. You can get the script off of github here: aka.ms/CDNCopyScript. The Cedexis site mentioned can be found at 

Jan.09 -- Akamai Technologies Inc. is working with financial advisers to explore strategic alternatives including a potential sale, people familiar with the matter said. Bloomberg's Scott Deveau reports on Bloomberg Technology.

Xero is an cloud-based accounting software for small businesses based in New Zealand. Founded in 2006, Xero has grown exponentially and has become a trusted software tool for over 1.2 million subscribers and has seen $1.4 trillion dollars worth of transactions in the last year. Akamai and Xero began their relationship with Xero in 2009 and remains to be a key security partner as we collaborate at all levels of technical capacity.

Our massive scale is about more than just content. Akamai’s industry-leading cloud delivery platform provides a strategic foundation for security, agility and business impact. Visit to see what's new for Cloud Security, Enterprise Security, Web and Mobile Performance, DevOps, and OTT.

Il est grand temps de simplifier votre solution d'accès à distance. Découvrez une toute nouvelle méthode d'accès à distance, à la fois simple et sécurisée

WittyFeed shares their experience on how they improved web speed to increase page views per user and revenue using Akamai. In addition, using Akamai security solution to protect their site from attacks without affecting legitimate users.

Video entry for Akamai Culutre video contest.

Great Place to Work® "We ♥ Our Workplace" Video Contest Entry - Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd Фрагмент с начала видео Great Place to Work® "We ♥ Our Workplace" Video Contest Entry - Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd Фрагмент с середины видео Great Place to Work® "We ♥ Our Workplace" Video Contest Entry - Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd Фрагмент с конца видео Great Place to Work® "We ♥ Our Workplace" Video Contest Entry - Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd
Great Place to Work® "We ♥ Our Workplace" Video Contest Entry - Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Great Place to Work® We ♥ Our Workplace Video Contest Entry - Akamai Technologies India Pvt Ltd

NDTV is a pioneer in India’s news television. With three major news broadcast channels, and a plethora of hugely popular news and entertainment portals, NDTV is India’s most trusted Media brand. NDTV partnered with Akamai in 2007. When they were evaluating technology partners, their biggest ask was scaling delivery on-demand. Being a media company that delivers current affairs news, they leveraged Akamai’s content delivery network to seamlessly respond to increased demand during critical news events. While NDTV grew from being a media-centric organization to NDTV Convergence that also brought e-commerce, lifestyle and mobile apps into the fold, Akamai kept pace by now delivering content to an array of devices through a huge spectrum of bandwidth, in a highly secure manner. NDTV’s digital assets receive more than 150 million unique visitors every month. On the day that India’s 2014 Parliamentary Election results were announced, NDTV received 13 billion hits with no downtime. This is testament to the hugely successful partnership between NDTV and Akamai.

May.14 -- Akamai CEO and co-founder Tom Leighton discusses the company's cybersecurity and data protection business. He speaks with Caroline Hyde from the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art on Bloomberg Technology.

For more information visit Watch this short video to understand how Akamai Enterprise Application Access provides enterprises with a new way to simplify remote and third-party application access while at the same time improving their organization’s security posture.

Watch an interview with Keith Hills, Director of Enterprise IT Risk & Information Security at Akamai.

Step into Akamai's Broadcast Operations Control Center and learn how Akamai's Media Experts are supporting better-than-broadcast quality with deep network visibility, round-the-clock monitoring and rapid error mitigation. Akamai’s BOCC is an innovative and reliable solution set to deliver online video that meets higher customer expectations and larger audience sizes in a manner that is cost effective to content owners and distributors. With its 24/7, specialized staff of media/networking professionals, the BOCC supports hundreds of live streaming events each year and helps our customers meet the insatiable demand for online video content every day.

Fix most Akamai errors using this method. Cannot install Akamai can be fixed using this method. Though it's not guaranteed. Video was based on a guide made by night_24light.

Akamai and DevOps? It's not only possible -- it's easy once you know how. In this session you'll learn how to develop a configuration as code solution for applications with Akamai integrations. You'll see how to incorporate Akamai into your Continuous Integration/Delivery/Testing with a focus on automation through Akamai APIs. We'll show how to orchestrate this approach using Java and CI/CD tools to achieve a true DevOps model -- and develop a reusable component that can be plugged-and-played by application teams that have Akamai integrations. Working for both PAPI and Cloudlet changes, you'll have a solution that can transform your delivery configurations into a CI/CD template with ease.

Akamai Training and Consulting: Leadership Development and Customer Service Training

Akamai employees are working together to shape the future of the hyperconnected world. They bring a diversity of thought, come from all walks of life, and speak dozens of languages reflecting Akamai's global presence. Listen to employees from around the world talk about Akamai’s innovative culture that is focused on tackling challenging problems myakamai Looking to join the team? Head to jobs.akamai.com to review current job openings.

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Cloudlets are self-serviceable, scalable apps at the Edge that help you gain flexibility, resource offload and increased control — all through an easy to use UI or API control. Learn more at

Interested in interning for Akamai? Listen to what Alex Fortier, a Platform Infrastructure Engineering Intern, has to say about interning at Akamai. Want more information? Go to to learn more about our internship and co-op programs!

Akamai CCare East (Cambridge, MA) Accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. CCare challenges Global CCare, Global Services, and our valued Customers to accept the challenge to raise awareness of ALS! Learn more about the challenge and donate:

Jun.20 -- Tom Leighton, chief executive officer and co-founder at Akamai Technologies Inc. talks about new U.S. security procedures and plans to update government technology discussed during Monday's White House tech summit. He speaks on Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.

May.08 -- Tom Leighton, Akamai's chief executive officer, discusses the company's growing role in Boston's tech scene. He speaks with Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde on Bloomberg Technology.

Akamai EVP and GM of the Media Division, Bill Wheaton provides an overview of Akamai’s vision for media – to provide the highest quality video and gaming experiences possible on any device to the largest audiences.