Легкий переднеприводный кроссовер с большим дорожным просветом и отдельным багажником? Автомобиль обречен на популярность. тест Lada Vesta SW Cross:

Спонсор канала: 1XBET Канал 1XBET: В России набирает популярность очень жесткий метод кражи колес от автомобиля ЛАДА ВЕСТА СВ КРОСС. В своем видео я вам покажу как вскрываются машины и как крадут дорогие легкосплавные диски.

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WWE,NJPW,ROH,NXT. wouldn't it be nice if all these kids played together? Unfortunately they're not mostly due to Vince McMahon. But why? Cody Rhodes,Finn Balor. just these two names together make me wanna see a match between them.

People who crossing railway track must watch this video! ரயில் தண்டவாளம் CROSS பண்றவங்க கட்டாயம் இந்த வீடியோ பாருங்க! Here we are going to see about the photos of People who crossing railway track. Everyone must watch this video. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more Tamil cinema news and Kollywood videos, subscribe to our FullMeals channel. We hope our channel will surely help you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe : Follow us on FB : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Credit: Tobu & Itro - Sunburst [NCS Release]

Pátý ročník závodu terénních motocyklů, na trati z uměle vytvořených překážek, divácky i jezdecky velmi zajímavý. V rozjížďce 5 až 6 jezdců, kteří bojují o postupová místa do dalšího kola. 11.4.2015

«АвтоВАЗ» взял кроссовер Lada Xray и переделал его в настоящий кроссовер: у версии Xray Cross увеличенный клиренс, вседорожный обвес и масса изменений по технике, которые превратили его в серьезный вседорожник. Но за приставкой Cross скрывается кое-что более важное, чем улучшенная проходимость. Рассказываем, о чем речь! lada xray xraycross

Please don't download this video and reupload it on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Respect the creators work. Moto Club Salomó i Moto Club Masllorenç organitzen les 2 hores de Resistència de Quadcross de Masllorenç: 1. Dani Vilà - Xavi Obrado 2. Anthony Torres - Killian Diaz 3. Mario Gajon - Alex Espejo

не судите строго я знаю что у меня голос не очень. я в вк

The Volkswagen world premiere of the all-new T-Cross will be broadcasted live on Thursday, October 25th 2018, from 07.00pm until 07.45pm CEST (05.00pm GMT – 05.45pm GMT): The 2019 VW T-Cross will be fully revealed on October 25, which means we’ll have to bear with the automaker’s extremely long teasing campaign for a few more days. Get More Great Car Videos - Subscribe:

DeMatha's (MD) 4-star safety Nick Cross strips the running back and takes it 40-yards to the house against Good Counsel (MD). Subscribe to the MaxPreps Channel HERE: Watch Entertaining Highlights on MaxPreps HERE: Follow MaxPreps on Twitter HERE: Like MaxPreps on Facebook HERE: Follow MaxPreps on Instagram HERE: Get the MaxPreps app for iPhone & iPad! Click HERE:

Go pro hero 3 en moto dans un bourbier :)

It's tough when you stop on hill climbs then have to climb over tree roots, ledges or near vertical bits. When you have little or no run up, there's a handy trials technique called the static zap, which Melissa uses here. But first, here's a summary of our training vid, traction tips when stuck. The transition from trials to extreme enduro is quite smooth really because the technical side is already there. - Ben Hemingway, 3rd place in The Tough One 2012 Want to be faster off road? First slow down! Try to be as calm, calculated and precise as possible. - Taddy Blasuziak The key? Body weight to the rear, throw your body forward and do a precisely timed drop of the clutch. Of course, riders like Ruben and Tim make this static zap look very easy. the bastards. For more details, see our old training vid, Traction tips when stuck. Now we are going to build on that last technique with a trials technique, the static zap. very useful for getting over obstacles on steep uphill climbs. As he throws his body weight forward and up, a split second later he does a controlled drop of the clutch. And then pulls the clutch in to avoid a runaway bike or a backflip. A final tip. This is beyond our abilities yet, but if it's very steep you can see Tim uses two movements here, first he throws his body forward, then upward to weight the footpegs. Tricky stuff and I wonder if we'll ever get to this level. Cross Training Youtube channel: Cross Training Facebook page: Our enduro vlog series: Cross Training website: Like to support our vids? Traction eRag: Sigh. From trials to enduro it's an easier step than from motocross to enduro. In reality it's an advanced technique for us gumbies. And Ben our resident gumby is going to explain how to jump up an uphill ledge like this when you have no run up. I think it's a lot harder coming from motocross because you don't have that clutch control. - Jonny Walker 2012 Hare Scramble Winner The cross over from trials is fairly easy, it took a bit of adapting to the speed aspect of enduro but you can adapt a lot of the skills from trials - it gives you clutch control, throttle control, finding grip, looking for lines, it all comes from trials and you can adapt it to enduro. - Graham Jarvis Ben let's his clutch out until it's just starting to engage. He puts his body right back to the rear of the bike. - Jonny Walker 2012 Hare Scramble Winner The biggest problems? It's hard to move your body weight back because you think the bike will backflip. Andrew and I both wouldn't move our weight back enough when learning this. The result? You don't get up the ledge. And timing is everything. If you drop the clutch too soon, or too late, the static zap won't work. Listen closely, you can hear the clutch is being dropped just before the body has moved completely forward.

Если вы думаете, что Xray Cross получился из обычного Иксрея за счет банального пластикового обвеса и пары лишних сантиметров клиренса, то на самом деле все гораздо серьезнее. Кроссовый Xray, строго говоря, является самостоятельной моделью. Во-первых, он намного симпатичнее обычного Иксрея, а во-вторых, у него передняя подвеска от Весты, задние дисковые тормоза, электроусилитель руля, регулировка рулевой колонки по вылету, классные сиденья, куча полезностей в интерьере и даже шайба выбора ездовых режимов. Мы познакомились с «кроссовой» версией на дорогах Казахстана.

'At the Cross' from the album 'Mighty To Save' released in July, 2006. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Stay connected: | | | Lyrics Verse 1 Oh Lord You've searched me You know my way Even when I fail You I know You love me Verse 2 Your holy presence Surrounding me In every season I know You love me I know You love me Chorus At the cross I bow my knee Where Your blood was shed for me There's no greater love than this You have overcome the grave Your glory fills the highest place What can separate me now Verse 3 You go before me You shield my way Your hand upholds me I know You love me Verse 4 And when the earth fades Falls from my eyes And You stand before me I know You love me I know You love me Bridge You tore the veil You made a way When You said that It is done CCLI : 4591816 © Hillsong Music 2006 Words & Music by Darlene Zschech and Reuben Morgan

The ENTIRE KH Union Cross, Chi & Unchained Story Fully Explained Фрагмент с начала видео The ENTIRE KH Union Cross, Chi & Unchained Story Fully Explained Фрагмент с середины видео The ENTIRE KH Union Cross, Chi & Unchained Story Fully Explained Фрагмент с конца видео The ENTIRE KH Union Cross, Chi & Unchained Story Fully Explained
The ENTIRE KH Union Cross, Chi & Unchained Story Fully Explained

Kingdom Hearts 3 is now less than 100 days away, it's time we did our extra curricular work and made sure we are all caught up on the story of KH Chi and Union Cross. Today I will be going over the entire story that has been presented to us so far, in chronological order. An enormous thankyou to both Kingdom Hearts Insider and Everglow for their permission to use their footage of Kingdom Hearts Chi and the Japanese Version of Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. I highly recommend looking at their channels for more great content.

Pro boxing coaches Sam Bastin and John Hutchinson teach a punch combination ending with a pull down of the opponent's hand to open up the head for a left hook. The western boxing classes here at Tiger Muay Thai run Monday-Friday at 10:30am and are popular with trainees of all ability levels, from beginners to pro fighters. Train with us: Get our gear: Learn online:

石戸谷蓮が主催する国内屈指のスーパーハードエンデューロ、CROSS MISSION 2018の第3ラウンドが、オフロードパーク白井にて開催。 CROSS MISSION 2017 in 勝沼での「ド派手なタイヤ越え」で一躍有名になった、故プリンス似の江戸っ子トシユキを黙らせるべく、FUNAI RACINGリーダー男中田が、ついに動く───。 Date: 2018/10/20 Music: Grant Newman - The Escape Plan Activated ▼STAFF Director : Pococii Camera : Pococii, 昆布味 [Twitter @btjn3] Edit : Pococii

A wave of migrants is moving north as thousands from Central America have overwhelmed border agents and crossed into Mexico. Most began their journey in Honduras and at least a thousand more are still in Guatemala trying to get in. CGTN's Franc Contreras reports. Watch CGTN LIVE on your computer, tablet or mobile Subscribe to CGTN America on YouTube Follow CGTN America: Twitter: @cgtnamerica Facebook: @cgtnamerica Google+: CctvamericaTvnews

Incredible alpine riding on top of the Canadian rockies, but today we are staying well under the tree line for a quick spin through some epic single track. We are quite close to the Alaskan border up here. And the event? It's Traction eRag's Grizzbait. Half the fun is simply the drive up to northern BC through towering mountains and tunnels through the avalanche areas. Megs Braap has always lived in BC but is still blown away by the country side. We've trailered the bikes up especially for this ride and a few guys are exhausted just unloading them. Cross Training Youtube channel: Cross Training Facebook page: Our enduro vlog series: Cross Training website: Like to support our vids? There's almost a Romaniacs feel to the single track ride with a bizarre section through this abandoned building. I'm the sweep rider and occasionally drop back so I can get a bit of speed up. I'm not used to trees being this close to the track so keen to get some practice in. Plenty of angled logs to practice the log hops, and even the magic balancing powers of the eRag tutu are being strained. The local riders who have generously volunteered to lead and sweep all our Grizzbait rides have created almost 50km of this superb single track so far. And while it's flat, there are plenty of things to mess you up fast. Half hidden tree roots keep throwing the tyres sideways, the mostly loamy soil has occasional slippery muddy patches, and those trees are so bloody close! Here and there I can feel the bars brushing against a tree, and I'm very aware that clipping a tree could result into slamming head on into the next tree. And in fact this did happen to one of our riders who we took to hospital with a bad concussion. more on that in a coming supporters vid. Oh these Grizzbait trips are well named. We did come across a grizzlie's last meal. These don't appear to be the remains of a dirt rider, but you never know. We all resolve not to ride too slowly. At first I thought I going okay through this single track, but later I tried to follow the local riders on this trail. One of the guys was on a four stroke 450 and I simply couldn't keep up with him. I did find out later that most of the local guys trim their bars down so they are less likely to hit the trees. But I also noticed they weren't worried when tree roots briefly through their tyres sideways, and I figured maybe it's a bit like soft sand riding. you just need to get comfortable with unexpected movements and let the bike do its thing. Anyway there's a supporters vid coming soon that shows my attempts to fly through this single track with the locals and failing to stay with them for long.

Själva droppet i denna videon var med i en annan video som heter Eskil och Magnum tar sig an nya utmaningar , den hittills mest omtyckta endurovloggen jag nånsin gjort. Och det var många som ville se hela delen runt omkring droppet (jag klippte bort en del) så här är den delen! :) KÖP MINA PRYLAR HÄR!! :D BUSINESS: eskilsson27@outlook.com INSTAGRAM: eskilsson27 SNAPCHAT: eskilsson27

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Funny Tema from T-Play Unboxing Assembling Surprise toys Power Wheels bike. Kid ride on Sportbike, Cross bike and Pocket bike mini moto. Funny toys video for kids TPlay toys kids unboxing powerwheels rideon surprise sportbike assembling If you enjoy this video Please don't forget to subscribe to T-Play -

CROSS-Instinto salvaje [Full Album]

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From this video you can learn how to cut cross cut blouse in simple and easy method. Perfect Sleeves Method: Perfect Cup For Blouse :

Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) is a song performed and co-written by American singer-songwriter Christopher Cross, which was the main theme for the 1981 film Arthur starring Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli. In the US, it reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and on the Hot Adult Contemporary charts during October 1981, remaining at the top on the Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks. Overseas, it also went to number one on the VG-lista chart in Norway, and was a top ten hit all around the world. The song became the second and last American number one hit by Christopher Cross.

Le Collège Lycée St Elme à Arcachon a célébré la 10ème édition de son cross solidaire. Cela fait déjà 10 ans que les élèves récoltent des fonds à travers l'opération Au fils d'Oriane pour l'institut Bergonié qui oeuvre pour la lutte contre le cancer. Cette année les 4 km de course à travers l'établissement, la ville et le vélodrome n'ont pas effrayé les élèves qui ont enfilé leurs plus beaux costumes pour l'occasion. Interview du Pr Coindre et du Dr le Loarer, médecins chercheurs à l'institut Bergonié, et de quelques élèves

ФУТБОЛКИ С РОССИЙСКИМИ ХОТ-РОДАМИ ЛИТРАЖ - Группа Вконтакте: Личный аккаунт Вконтакте: Instagram: Facebook:

As we all know that Greenline is the most premium train of Pakistan Railways. If it gets late somehow, it is still given priority. Like in this video, one UP and one DN train are stationed at Kala Gujran station but still Greenline was given priority and it cross pass both trains. Kala Gujran is a small town in Jhelum district having a beautiful railway station.This video was shot in a beautiful summer evening by a railfan friend Abbas bhai.

1. Genesis 0:00 2. Let There Be Light 3:54 3. D.A.N.C.E. 8:49 4. Newjack 13:23 5. Phantom 17:00 6. Phantom Pt. 2 21:55 7. Valentine 25:16 8. Tthhee Ppaarrttyy 28:13 9. DVNO 32:00 10. Stress 36:12 11. Waters of Nazareth 41:12 12. One Minute to Midnight 45:38

Denna videon har legat uppe förut men en låt som jag hade i slutet av videon som var till för att användas i videor (alltså ingen copyright) blev ändå anmäld av ett så kallat Copyright troll. Jag vill inte ha något material på min kanal med copyright på så därför tog jag bort videon, gjorde om den och laddade upp en ny variant här. Dock blev bild-kvalitén på videon rätt så mycket sämre tack vare detta och scenerna i slutet är inte anpassade efter musiken men hoppas det inte gör så mycket! :) Jag gjorde denna videon av två anledningar: 1. Många har tjatat efter en sån här video 2. Jag har personligen inte hittat någon video där folk förklarar hur man ska komma upp på bakan på ett snabbt och lät sätt så att säga. Därför förklarar jag det så tydligt jag kan i denna videon. Hoppas du gillade den! KÖP MINA PRYLAR HÄR!! :D BUSINESS: eskilsson27@outlook.com INSTAGRAM: eskilsson27 SNAPCHAT: eskilsson27

cienki 47 & Project Cross Enduro ;) projectcrossenduro enduro ktm Project Cross Enduro: GoPro Hero 5 Black KTM EXC 450 Uwaga! Powyższe sceny filmowe są zmontowane za pomocą programu, w którym można dowolnie edytować materiał video. Liczniki nie są skalibrowane, prędkości pokazywane na licznikach są zawyżone. Jazda po ulicy, polach, łąkach i lasach to efekt komputerowy. Wszystko co właśnie zobaczyłeś nigdy się nie wydarzyło i jest produkcją filmową. Jakiekolwiek podobieństwo przedstawionych na tym kanale (w filmach) osób, miejsc, wydarzeń, imion, ksywek, adresów i innych określeń jest przypadkowe. W związku z powyższym nagarnie to nie może być dowodem w sądzie, lub prowadzić do ukarania za wykroczenia drogowe i inne.

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Voici la vidéo du comparatif Moto Verte 450 cross 2019 ! Présenté par Jordan Labbé, images Mathias Brunner Produits portés dans cette vidéo : Tenue Seven Zero Neo : Casque 6D ATR-2 :

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XRAY Cross — дважды кроссовер дважды автомобильного завода. В ноябре АвтоВАЗ начинает продажи кроссовой версии кроссовера XRAY. Полного привода не будет, но есть увеличенный до 215 мм клиренс, передняя подвеска от Весты и ЭУР вместо гидроусилителя. Что может дважды кроссовер за 900 тысяч рублей на дорогах и без них? Первый тест-драйв прошел в Казахстане, где уже началась зима, поэтому Сергей Знаемский смог проверить, как XRAY Cross едет и по асфальту, и по грунту, и по снегу. Ну, и выяснить, стоит ли «Cross-пакет» те 85 тысяч рублей, которые нужно доплатить сверх цены на обычный XRAY? А в финале теста Сергей пригласил в машину разработчика «дважды кроссовера» одного из директоров АвтоВАЗа Олега Груненкова, чтобы задать ему несколько неудобных вопросов. Подпишитесь на сайт, чтобы мы могли делать для вас новые ролики: Группа ВКонтакте: Сообщество на Facebook: Instagram: Лента Twiiter:

cross montage yup song - magic kaito 1412 op 1 all plays by me thank you to tilty for recording clips

One man died and three others were injured after around 300 sub-Saharan migrants rushed the razor wire topped border fence separating the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco on Sunday. Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Video ID: 20181022 003 Video on Demand: Contact: cd@ruptly.tv Twitter: Facebook:

Enduro w lesie z Danielem. Yamaha WR450 i KTM 250 dwusuw. Hardkorowy las w hardkorowa pogode :) Wiecej filmikow na moim drugim kanale. Zapraszam do subskrypcji obu kanalow!!! ✔Moj drugi kanal: ✔Facebook: ✔Instagram: Subskrybujac oba moje kanaly Youtube nie przegapicie zadnego nowego filmiku!!