Breakdance Battle - Chelles Battle Pro 2014 Final

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Breakdance Battle - Chelles Battle Pro 2014  Final

Breakdance Battle Chelles Battle Pro 2014 8 vs 8 final, the 1st of March between Team Rhônes Alpes and Gamblerz ! Don't forget to suscribe to get a new video once a week : Battles, reports, coulisses des évènements majeurs de street dance. Une fois par semaine, découvrez une vidéo exclusive de CANAL STREET, le site des cultures urbaines par CANAL+ : - Voir toutes les battles : - Voir tous les backstages : Abonnez-vous pour recevoir une nouvelle vidéo chaque semaine ! Follow us: Site : Facebook : Twitter : Google+ : Instagram :

Comments to the video: Breakdance Battle - Chelles Battle Pro 2014 Final

Yahel Pacheco 15 hours ago
Estuvo muy padre y siempre bailan así
K Diddy 1 day ago
They got slaughtered for sure! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
yourgucci dad 3 days ago
I'll hit all of you up with my new kazoo playing t-pose thingy..
Yugoreshi 5 days ago
That's not the same atmosphere that in E-sport. Kind of more animated.
Adnan Hip Hop 5 days ago
Nice Dance
Gonzalez Ortiz 5 days ago
Dammn nice moves lot skills.
HEAVYWALL 70 7 days ago
Well that escalated quickly
PAM KUTYA 7 days ago
I Trizzle4you 8 days ago
tbh the tall dark skin dude doesnt fit break dancing my opinion no hate
Diarra Brown 9 days ago
i shit myself while watching this
Ayden Phongsavath 9 days ago
When you wanna show them your true skill and let it all out at 3:53
AGARZAM BRAND 11 days ago
new brand agarzam Break dance T-shirt graffity
Solanch 12 days ago
I remember there was a time in my life when i wanted to be a break dancer lmaoo
checkthefiles 12 days ago
Turned the right side into orange chicken
Yuki Takahashi 12 days ago
Que grande espetáculo!!! Incrível! As duas equipes são muito boas. E quem sai ganhando é o público.
Willyam Arouche Mota 12 days ago
Só não danço assim por q não tenho o palco
Willyam Arouche Mota 12 days ago
E nem o talento
Deepak Kumar 13 days ago
wiz. my name is hunter rakshit
Anil Kumar 15 days ago
Fantastic boys. Keep it up.
Natanael Morais frança 17 days ago
Bboy lilou DANÇA muito e tira onda!!
Signal Jacker 19 days ago
Some sick breaks here -
Eapeisi Te'O 20 days ago
More like Korean vs america
LEV GAMER 22 days ago
Break dance
Maxime Dupont 22 days ago
Trop cool
Lek Sìsmo 26 days ago
Da uma força pros irmão ai galera,
Saduni liyanage 26 days ago
well done
whutzat 27 days ago
Kids, this is how we resolved conflicts back in the 1980's..someone would toss an opened cardboard box onto a street corner, and the two parties would throw down.literally.
Nikah Israel 27 days ago
2018 stand up
EB HamsterLover 27 days ago
0:45 Guy: Show us what you got! Other Guy: *Default Dances*
SON Love 28 days ago
Sal Pat 28 days ago
Pooja Kanwar 29 days ago
Hello sir l am pooja
Diego GASTELUM 29 days ago
Como se llama la musica esa
thiago monteiro 1 month ago
3:21 music????????
The Neihja 6 days ago
Method man judgement day
Daniel Canales 1 month ago
martinez O M 1 month ago
nikos makridakhs 1 month ago
the black dude wearing the fedora looking hat is so annoying. every time the right team was up he was showing the audience that he can do the same move they do and i couldnt focus on anything else
Franco Hernandez 1 month ago
Laurentiu Dragomir 1 month ago
srry i mean right😏
Laurentiu Dragomir 1 month ago
left woooooon!!!!!!!!!!!
TSM swype 1 month ago
4:00 OMG
rzarectot7 1 month ago
I danced bitch u didn’t
GTLM Tell 1 month ago
oi hello
saturneternal 1 month ago
When you feel something crawling on your skin.
Руслан Закиев 1 month ago
Команда с лева топ
HUSKY TV 1 month ago
Frank Neuhaus 1 month ago
Sau geil
Trance 1 month ago
7:57 Well played man in the grey shirt, well played.
Shut up David 1 month ago
I dislike the new bboy
caleb miller 1 month ago
Humans are dope
symek Korab 1 month ago
Fajnie tańczysz
symek Korab 1 month ago
symek Korab 1 month ago
sloth 1 month ago
Who got served?
MR no one 1 month ago
what a prick that dude in the red stripes is.
Rachel Acosta 1 month ago
UA Vs Koren People
Josué Urquia 1 month ago
Como se llamas las canciónes?
Preeti Kumari 1 month ago
Lol dancers hahajhahahahahah.lololililolololol america is a lol olololooololllllloooooollllllolololo
rede7676 1 month ago
Prince Hisyam 1 month ago
What the title of songs?
ĞHØŞŤ_ Equitalia 1 month ago
1is domics?
Jeka YYT 1 month ago
Дулбаебы не российские
Instagram Diamondrolls 2 months ago
Lol omg !! Baaaaaallerrrrrrrrrs!!!!!
Wenjie Plays 2 months ago
Not to be racist but the dark guys were kinda annoying and there trying to get into a act when you suck
IlluminatiTyp 2 months ago
3:53 best part
alberto 2 months ago
This shit is horrible this is considered break dancing!.
Ashmit parihar 2 months ago
NightCrusher76 2 months ago
Wait this exists?
Son Goku 2 months ago
Dimitrios Zingelis 2 months ago
The chinese guys dance very well.
Miky 95 2 months ago
Tanta roba
Nicholas Parsons 2 months ago
i struggle to kneel down :s
Emin Akbaba 2 months ago
Wallah c est les enteaineur
Bill Clinton 2 months ago
If i could break dance i bet id get actually get pussy. Imagine you're at a party and everyones dancing and you see a nigga breakdancing doing flips and shit
Caleb Badz 2 months ago
I swear break dance circles talk so much shit 😂
Мар Гир 2 months ago
4:07 wow
杨雯凯 2 months ago
Words are meager. This incredible !!!!
A Lenda de Roque 2 months ago
3:26 OQUE? OQUE? num sei
khan karim 2 months ago
handstand part is SICK
•ALFA- Baran• 2 months ago
Raguel Sok som 2 months ago
Wow left side is super awsome
Shyben 2 months ago
The first black guys ground movement is childish
Shyben 2 months ago
Should of had Joji on
Jacobs Kronung 2 months ago
Music 7:20 plsplspls
Treyvon Stlouis 2 months ago
Is day John Cena
p rettyboyfredo 2 months ago
Right side look stink they need to stop trying
nityananda Kalal 2 months ago
Blaze 2 months ago
Alguns centímetros de rivalidade kkk
Ashish singh 2 months ago
Nice bance
Michel-Denis Bellemare 2 months ago
Hello, do you allow me to use some excerpts from your videos, to accompany my songs that I interpret with musical credit for fun, entertainment and tribute to all those great singers. I will specify the origin of these images in the text of presentation of the publication on YouTube, in the credits of my montages and superimposed at the bottom of the screen. Thank you.
carlsep17 2 months ago
When Judgement Day came on.
leomar 1112 2 months ago
Were is backpack kid 😂😂
Mubeen Al Zain 2 months ago
Are you a winner!! you should wear this t-shirt then :D
Ramesh Kumar 2 months ago
Jagu Bhay Sirra 2 months ago
i love dancers &dance
Street Art 2 months ago
Allez voir mon instagram [ freerunner youtubeur ] je fais du parkour et du freerun depuis un an et jai commencé le break mercredi je publi presque tout les jours merci d'avance 💛..
Ashish singh 2 months ago
Denjras dans
univers artiste 2 months ago
Top top top top top !! Very good
roger abrera 2 months ago
Carson Curry 2 months ago
In my opinion the left side one seeing all of them synchronize at once was very satisfying to watch
samuel benny 3 months ago
Their is no group formation in right side but they had clean performance in single roles.
ali prince 3 months ago
عرب ؟
len salah 3 months ago
as the muisc played on they became better and amazingly better :))))))))))
len salah 3 months ago
with love jason :))))))))))))))))))