Breakdance Battle - Chelles Battle Pro 2014 Final

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Breakdance Battle - Chelles Battle Pro 2014  Final

Breakdance Battle Chelles Battle Pro 2014 8 vs 8 final, the 1st of March between Team Rhônes Alpes and Gamblerz ! Don't forget to suscribe to get a new video once a week : Battles, reports, coulisses des évènements majeurs de street dance. Une fois par semaine, découvrez une vidéo exclusive de CANAL STREET, le site des cultures urbaines par CANAL+ : - Voir toutes les battles : - Voir tous les backstages : Abonnez-vous pour recevoir une nouvelle vidéo chaque semaine ! Follow us: Site : Facebook : Twitter : Google+ : Instagram :

Comments to the video: Breakdance Battle - Chelles Battle Pro 2014 Final

samuel benny 4 days ago
Their is no group formation in right side but they had clean performance in single roles.
ali prince 5 days ago
عرب ؟
len salah 6 days ago
as the muisc played on they became better and amazingly better :))))))))))
len salah 6 days ago
with love jason :))))))))))))))))))
Hasnain Raza 7 days ago
I can dab
Serpencio 8 days ago
love the bm gestures
bright star 10 days ago
i like it
Osama evan 11 days ago
LILIOU legend
James Brenchley 11 days ago
Anyone else here because of Domics?
toxic quesadilla 11 days ago
All i can see is fish out of water when they accidentally fall over
Jayden Badia 11 days ago
Bartek* Sar 12 days ago
My favorite breakdancer is the whit the wooly hat
B N 12 days ago
Omg multiple sin caras
Angel Davila 12 days ago
11:39 best part
It’s KillerKun_PRO 14 days ago
3:52 is beast as hell!
William McBeth 16 days ago
LOL yeah so good teach me those dances my phone number is 940-642-0175 so call me ASAP Ryan come to summon a Terrace
Ben Armstrong 16 days ago
M&M 17 days ago
pocu321 17 days ago
The best I've seen yet. That was great.
TheHooded Junior 17 days ago
the Right side team was soo Pissed
saabsly1 19 days ago
This ain't REAL breakdance. This is just bullshit ground gymnastics. BreakDANCE as the name implies, is DANCE. I saw absolutely no dance moves here. Go check breakdance from the 80's and see how it was done with all the visual effects and all. That's breakdance.
Camila Jhanet Castillo Gutierrez 21 days ago
Camila Jhanet Castillo Gutierrez 21 days ago
How are you ?
ツItzLefty 22 days ago
Left team won😎
Jitendra Patel 26 days ago
Very nice
ami amor es el anime y los perritos recinos 26 days ago
Bruno Jolibois 28 days ago
ptn de style, de bons breaker
JobLobber 29 days ago
i would fall under my own weight, these guys are an inspiration
Sumit Rawat 1 month ago
Maroc Tv 1 month ago
Fufail. png 1 month ago
DPryor541 1 month ago
Las twins who?
Krisztian Pacsorasz 1 month ago
Tupac Shakur 1 month ago
Left side i can see Lilou Legend of Breakdance :D
omar chaaben 1 month ago
Last song??
sabrina ponnet 1 month ago
whaaiiiiiiiiiii super good
Letaurus Galloway 1 month ago
The dude in the black pants with the orange red stripes in the side reminds me of Swoozie
Juan Andrés - 1 month ago
2:06 😎🖖
Wesley Oliveira 1 month ago
Caralho os maluco e brabo, POURRA
Q.O.X. Gaming 1 month ago
Break dance Battle. pff more like Break dance Battle. *ON ICE*
Blanco Negro 1 month ago
Only a battle freestyle , if there is no freestyle go way
Blanco Negro 1 month ago
Yo no.bailo soy malisimo
A K 1 month ago
Not bad for a Humen
Jacob Yang 1 month ago
These guys are bad ass
Jacob Yang 1 month ago
Boo right side
Diego Salgado 1 month ago
Did anyone know about the dab in 2014
PAIU 11 1 month ago
like si hablas este idioma q :vida
rahul Simoliya 1 month ago
Rahul koushal
abdullah karate 1 month ago
Azure Emerald 1 month ago
i can sleep
Vino_ Do's 1 month ago
Never like before head twist dance
Fermioncool Fermioncool 1 month ago
+1 Asians.
James Asoque 1 month ago
Left are win for me.
Bruno Plays Plays 1 month ago
3:52 BREAKDANCE OFICIAL OF FORTNITE (and fav of earth)
Danny 8RG 1 month ago
The left screen team win
Laxmi Narayan 2 months ago
I also have shared one good video at below link. Please check out:
Adam Adam 2 months ago
3:58 fornite breakin break
Adam Adam 2 months ago
3:68 fornite breakin break
Adam Adam 2 months ago
Bryan Edouard 2 months ago
Bryan breakdance battles
Diego Rodriguez 2 months ago
3:58 wow
Maurice Hofmann 2 months ago
3:22 music pls
abderrahman ait si 2 months ago
bravo 👏🖒
Josue Cisneros 2 months ago
Hama Jebali 2 months ago
That was soo good
Michael Tanna 2 months ago
So cool😃😃😃😃
Krystian R 2 months ago
0:01 song?
комп сағынай 2 months ago
chaotic sheepo 2 months ago
Yoooooo left was disrespectful af, I felt like right won because of how good the solos were, but left had more jaw dropping moves, right was just really consistent through out the whole thing.
Farshid Afridi 2 months ago
Steve Dubai 2 months ago
Can anyone tell me the name of the track with the horns that starts at 5:15?
Adam Jablonski 2 months ago
A fantastic show!
Love Dance 2 months ago
WwT-Rex123wW Gaming 2 months ago
nahh i dont belong here
andre verstraten 2 months ago
Andre Verstraten
Ashish Xanathis Nangia 2 months ago
i'm a whale
ajay kumar 2 months ago
Muje brack dance sikana he
Teodoro Todorov 2 months ago
somebody knows what is the names of songs ? Thanks :)
Alessio Pecoraro 2 months ago
anurag Vats 2 months ago
monkey dance
alain charbel niyomwungere 2 months ago
Maurice Hofmann 2 months ago
NANDHASA Ar 3 months ago
so good
Houtarou Oreki 3 months ago
3:19 best scene, Song?
Aditya Patil 3 months ago
Salvo Catalano 3 months ago
владимир немо 3 months ago
Что за музыка и где её брать?
MCKaliber 3 months ago
Add these dances on fortnite.
Heffron TV 3 months ago
Too boring
deing he 3 months ago
Claudia Bos 3 months ago
Sude Demir 3 months ago
Well done!!! Actually, i cant do that. Who can do that i reckon he/she is extremely talented.
Danny Cruz 3 months ago
The black guy with the orange Adidas sweats on the left kept roasting the other team by doing their moves so easly.
Rocky Gurjar 3 months ago
Desi dancers in India
Makeinsa Keita 3 months ago
Slix Tocsik 3 months ago
They really love Wu Tang.
Makai Anderson 3 months ago
I agree with killatactics the right side is embarrased this is sick
mynametrong 3 months ago
Sick af. I go for the right side.
Ognjen Demrovski 3 months ago
4 55
nacer bentadjine 3 months ago
What is name of this musik ?
09bwyt 3 months ago
The first thing I saw is breakthrough. 2nd is radical. 3rd is trying to win. 4th is building up a tradition. And so on