Moulin Rouge Christina Aguilera Express Хореограф Анастасия Моренко

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Moulin Rouge Christina Aguilera   Express Хореограф Анастасия Моренко

Comments to the video: Moulin Rouge Christina Aguilera Express Хореограф Анастасия Моренко

Adrian Love 8 days ago
The choreo was atrocious. It was like a 12-14 year old girl's version of sexy. Everyone looked awkward and stupid to be blunt. Find someone else to plan your choreo
Casaundra Gore sumner 26 days ago
Damn there amazing
Jakub Kałas 1 month ago
Awful how you can destroy such a beautiful song with dance! :( sad
Marina Dancer 1 month ago
super •●✿Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ✿●• beautiful •●✿Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ✿●• I like it
Karen Kan 1 month ago
how fun!
Alina Komarova 1 month ago
sista klauu 1 month ago
Nombre de la canción 😱
Hexacious Jinx 1 month ago
Lovely dance and choreography but the girls were off sync several times.
ksenia 1 month ago
хореография прикольная , дев-ки секси, однако естественно не профессионалки ,мно го еще трудиться нужно над техникой, однако этак в целом весьма приятно глазу!
Chin Jens 2 months ago
Adrienn Ujj 2 months ago
First of all I have been dancing for 18 years so. The clothes are beautiful, the girls too. The dance terrible. It would be OK for a begginner class if they move together but I could not see that. I was embarrassed when I watch this video.
Bruna Vieira 2 months ago
Ohhhhh 6 maravillosas!!!! IN LOVE WITH THIS. WHY SO HOT?! Why?! ❤👄💋
Tomas Mooney 2 months ago
Express es de la película BURLESQUE! Moulin rouge es OTRA PELICULA NADA QUE VER JAJAJAJAJA
Alexander Martinez 2 months ago
Tomas Mooney pensé lo mismo jajaja pero el baile esta chido!
clarisa clarineta 2 months ago
¡maravilloso! mas que un baile sexy me pareció un performance y los movimientos, el vestuario, la gracia con que lo hace me transportó a los 50's en la época del inicio del cabaret o burdel ¡precioso! felicito a estas mujeres tan guapas! :*
Lilith Anthony 3 months ago
So amazing 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
canabis sativa 3 months ago
Luciana Perrone 9 months ago
Terribile 😱