[Rhythm's Pulse] Shuffle, cwalk, jumpstyle meeting 2010 - 21 way [read the cescription]

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[Rhythm's Pulse] Shuffle, cwalk, jumpstyle  meeting 2010 - 21 way [read the cescription]

We ALL were good so you dont need to say any shits about who was better or worse (: Its an old made video just for fun, so if you want to, check us and our newest's:

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tommie184 1 day ago
ill have a pint of whatever the 2nd guys on ha ha
great iron fist 1 day ago
Not a fatty in the bunch. Nice vid. Looks like me when i have to pee 🐮
Вова Леващук 2 days ago
Это были грозные 2010 , пацаны трусили яичками будто могли !)))
Вова Леващук 2 days ago
Это были грозные 2010 , пацаны трусили яичками будто могли !)))
Aleksandr Borotincev 2 days ago
PIPAPO PIPAPO 2 days ago
Stay true 2 the crew new Generation!
maranzano maranzano 2 days ago
witam dobra muza warszawa pozdrawia
J Will 5 days ago
90 ravers pants still in style
Chol Chengkudk 5 days ago
Meng seven 6 days ago
🀄️🀄️看妹妹漏点小视频➕微信hot5383💎是衣服的哥哥分uu u
Inaya Ben 6 days ago
Ptddddddrrr il sont rhabate ou quoi, awwe j’me retrouve à regarder sa Jss percher 😂
BEUM SIK U 7 days ago
밀양시립도서관 1층의 신문에 계속 낙서그림을 그리는데 최고의 정보무기와 같은 공격무기인 것 같다. 그럼 전세계의 국가들의 정보조직이 집중하여 삼문동의 모든 정보를 조사하고 시립도서관의 모든 정보를 보아 한국의 모든 똥개조직의 비밀이 전세계에 알려질 것이기 때문이다. 이제 얼마가 될지 모르지만 당분간 밀양시립도서관에 매일 신문에 최고의 코믹펀치의 그림을 그릴 것 같다. 그럼 이박씨와 신하성씨와 밀양똥개조직의 모든 과거와 비밀이 공개될 것 같다-_- 나의 최고의 웃기는 그림은 적을 죽이는 성배와 같은 최고의 독이 든 선물과 같은 것 같다-_- 그래서 미국 한국을 웃겨서 죽이도 있다-_- 그래도 한국과 미국똥개들은 그 그림이 재미있어서 웃고 서로 차지할려고 할 것 같다. 자신이 죽어가는 줄도 모르는 지구에서 가장 멍청한 돌대가리 두 마리 똥개가 미국 한국이다.
Aye C 7 days ago
Bet you the dancers looking back at this vid thinking wtf was i doing 😂 specifically those with humongous pants. 😂😂😂
Carlos Ladino 7 days ago
No me gusta
Shade Stire 7 days ago
*THIS IS WHAT AN OLD SCHOOL SHUFFLE IS* ( _They seemed to be like nerds dancing_ )
Angelique 7 days ago
Protect Children ; - )))))
pavel kubalek 8 days ago
This music is a bomb.Hat down and just keep going. BOOM
VANDO REIS 8 days ago
Todos sensacionais! 👏👏👏
ChemicalViruS004 9 days ago
Truly said there are lots of other dances that are way far more interesting and shows the real talent. But the kids were great they had a good time and that's what matters
Chester Copperpot 10 days ago
Anja Piet 10 days ago
Omg I love this Music😍
Jesus Peruvian 11 days ago
musica por un lado. los que bailan por otro lado. creo el dj esta con resaca
Aaron Reko 11 days ago
Fuawkk these are Fun People!! Awesome 2Dope
Nicole Graf 11 days ago
The best was the first guy and the 2 Girls lady lege and the other one
Maximilian Glanz 11 days ago
Nice moves. Bit difficult to follow, overlay music has wrung bpm and is not in same beat with dancers most of the time.
Kaiden Kwan 14 days ago
woo woo! long live boogaloo!
Thomas Bone 16 days ago
quick call an ambalance looks like a mass case of kids having a fit
Bisri Mustofa 16 days ago
outside activity , make a fun socialize , do a fun move that also healthy. man, i just want to say : they are enjoy a good time in their life
Deine ex ex 18 days ago
burak çal 18 days ago
i like it cuz their all waited their turns hahah
Christoph Geiger 18 days ago
i can do better, anyone wanna film me in Munich?
OGwicced 18 days ago
All wak
Boby Mtb 19 days ago
Quém ta vendo em 2018 ? 👏😉
Ricardo Ferreira 20 days ago
Oooow Crazy Crazy Crazy.😍
Fabe Pioro 20 days ago
Dude what is that one dance?! Totally forgot about it!! I used to break dance and shuffle like 20 years ago. The one kicking dance I think it was originally in a ero dance video it's like close to the russian dance
Critical Jack 23 days ago
Что это б*ть за говно????
walsertaler 23 days ago
Francesco Maniscalco 23 days ago
Kile Bullard 24 days ago
Exactly WHAT!!!!!!!! And I was just thinking to myself they gonna try and make cwalking a real dance. and fucking shit here it is. She even grabbed her nuts. we back in the 90's yall be safe lol
Alix Young 25 days ago
Is the floor greased?
SuperMarcusmetzler 25 days ago
While amazing all I can think of is the Ministry of Silly Walks!
brother dio 26 days ago
Do any of the kids ever take showers?! Bunch of grease balls!
Golden Knight24 26 days ago
White people can't dance bruh I swear.
Mr_Fatty_Panduh 27 days ago
Ha. Look at all dem Early 2000's kids. Gotta admit though, that time was probably best to be a teenager
Саша Serafim 27 days ago
потом просмотра клипа Vini Vici - Universe Inside. Tribu Zaouli. Costa de Marfil!!! Это жуки навозники
Tony Mc Enteggart 28 days ago
whats the song at 3min 50 secs
Tony Mc Enteggart 28 days ago
song at 350
miguel garcia 30 days ago
You're all suspended for dancing in school kiiiiiiids now gtfo
purna gurung 1 month ago
How good
Rodney Settle 1 month ago
Good dancing, shit music.
Matt Jessett 1 month ago
Nice Tras is..🤭
skylar mccloud 1 month ago
That Jump style, we had that when I was a kid. It's called the Running Man and it was introduced by M.C. Hammer
Mitschcrafter 1 month ago
I'am a noob at dancing!. I have to use cheat codes for just game!.
Martin Schulz 1 month ago
Schaut aus, wie ein Haufen Grenzdebiler, Epileptiker.
OSVID 1 month ago
4:52 TepitoStyle :v
DarkBaby Wands 1 month ago
What if your a shuffler, a jumper and an acrobat
vampiremage2 1 month ago
Y'all younguns got some skills. Bravo, eh.
SweMunk 1 month ago
if I could meet a 2010 kid I would LMAO
Dom Jota 1 month ago
Que porra de calças ridículas!!
alexyt 1 month ago
lol the pants xD
fitnesspoint2006 1 month ago
So basically its a moonwalk variation
ooGOLDYoo IMVU 1 month ago
was this meant to be a dance style back then? geez we used to mess about like that to take pizz out of people in the clubs, didnt know we were actually good rofl
roshan bhandari 1 month ago
All of you are gold.👍👌
Basti B 1 month ago
2018 anyone ? ✌😉
Teddy Kissinger 1 month ago
Fuck this music. Ruined it
Alexander_Cdn 1 month ago
Lol they’re wearing bedsheets 😂
Rrrowl 5 days ago
Alexander_Cdn they are shuffle pants.long time tradition in shuffle. Sad not all dont know that.
Lollypopppy 1 month ago
their outfits omg
Isobelle McCormick 1 month ago
How did I get here. I'm not disappointed.
BOLSONARO24hs BRASIL 1 month ago
A música poderia ter sido melhor.não ajudou muito a galera da roda de dança🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
cemetery1959 1 month ago
Anybody else puzzled to wind up here from Eisenfunk's (let us play) PONG? At least it's not cats.
William Minyard 2 months ago
I'm 48 now. But when i was 14-18 i never stoped dancing. not even in the shower. I cant say enough about people and music coming together for a good time. That's all that matters! Now. for all the kids in this video i think you all have talent, and let it lead you where it must!
hermany cardozo 2 months ago
Guys relax take it easy I’m sure that all those cockroaches are all dead 💀 😁
Mr.V Bagia Shaif 2 months ago
Stefanie S. 2 months ago
Jumpt ihr heute auch noch?
666zlatan666 2 months ago
Fuck homework
Sheketo Shentazu 3 months ago
the music is so shitty and disorganized ;|
Harbinger sev-oh-wohne 3 months ago
Awwwww 💖💖💖 What a great meetup
Hernan Riquelme 4 months ago
the first guy respect x2
kfsdk8 5 months ago
Wtf? This music is shit. Jump style too.
Super Villain 7 months ago
szuncho 7 months ago
Whats !!!!!!! Seruously???
Sapientia et Virtus 7 months ago
Hey, at least they're outside socializing, doing something healthy. That's pretty rare for the youth these days. I think it's great. Looks like they're having a lot of fun. 👍👍
carnivore for life 9 hours ago
And a lot of mdma
DC24ZZ 5 days ago
2010 see the year
George Hennen 11 days ago
Go fuck yourself you twat, you are born in the wrong generat
StopAskingForMyRealName 8 months ago
Made me happy to watch it. Thanks!
CamilaGamez CN 9 months ago
That one Asian dude🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he reminds me of davidparody like it you know this troll god
jaune82 1 year ago
Apreciemos al chico del 3:33
Erick Cordero 10 months ago
jaune72 lol
Kevin Aguilar 1 year ago
Can someone please knock out the guy with the black beanie and glasses.
L1FE xGAME 1 year ago
Rp lil Bang!😂❤
Decalah 1 year ago
what in the world was the second kid doing and does the insane shuffle kings still dance
Витамин Маестро 1 year ago
Grace Elaine 1 year ago
For one dollar a day we can help the gangsters. Donate one dollar to the belt foundation
Sapientia et Virtus 7 months ago
Gangsters? Lmao
Prynce Al 1 year ago
Corniest shyt I ever seen!
Lord Hacker 1 year ago
0:31 get out fuck up BITCH!!!!
MatuIlMito 1 year ago
none of then are following the tempo correctly
kámíl wídzew 1 year ago
Aurelio Torrisi 1 year ago
the first guy was impressive and I even would mention the one at 452
阿嵀吇 1 year ago
Maliftor 1 year ago
i have it thx
Maliftor 1 year ago
Music at 01:44 pls
SantiX._.shuffler 1 year ago
Ranger Walker use shazam
Роман Александрович 1 year ago
рукожопы, научитесь трудиться с саунтреком. диз вам. вы обосрали музлом ВСЕ!