[Rhythm's Pulse] Shuffle, cwalk, jumpstyle meeting 2010 - 21 way [read the cescription]

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[Rhythm's Pulse] Shuffle, cwalk, jumpstyle  meeting 2010 - 21 way [read the cescription]

We ALL were good so you dont need to say any shits about who was better or worse (: Its an old made video just for fun, so if you want to, check us and our newest's:

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Mirza Futkaradze 1 day ago
Sad eseni da sad tqven bijoo tyula ro daxtunaobt 😁😁😁
Mirza Futkaradze 1 day ago
w Welejka 2 days ago
Стилями не розбрасывайтесь
w Welejka 2 days ago
Первыу в Тему другие пофиг
Unstable Wun 4 days ago
Me trying to get dog shit off my shoe
Samlez 6 days ago
geht arbeiten faules Pack
David Gustavsson 6 days ago
Ravers know how too Dance
Jack Haley 7 days ago
I love the support, the individuality and the encouragement for each other. Great job guy's, and a lot of cool moves too!
Magdalena Grella 8 days ago
Waffle Games_YT 8 days ago
Are these what Students wear way back ago?
Billy D. Jacks 9 days ago
when you ain't got no friends and live in Mom's basement you get time to learn anyone could do it but you see how they're in the shade they don't dare be out in that sun
Zojirushi Robot 9 days ago
чё за вялые малыши, и чё за цивилизация такие брюки забавные носит?
Mark Magnolia 10 days ago
The ending should be longer ;)
TONY HAMAMA 10 days ago
2:45 the best 👍👟👟👍
Anna Chmielewski 11 days ago
Self expression is where talent grows
Marcelo Irala 12 days ago
you are a fuck amazing!!! I just fuck love you!!!! regards from Paraguay!!!
YumiOutOfTheBox 12 days ago
UGH!! FUCKING JUMPSTYLE.. Fucking hate it. And i mean the dance style. Its just as shit as industrial. Shuffle 100 times better. And not the shit melbourne style.
MrRemmington 12 days ago
Hooligans, misfits, Nincompoops, I love it, they are fantastic, and they’re happy, how smart.
Lumby1 13 days ago
Amazing kids! Bravo! First time I saw a Zaouli dance, my jaw must have hit the floor. I'm too old for that stuff, but wow, the talent! Hope you make lots of videos, very inspiring.
Jubasa 13 days ago
The tracks don't really match the dances
bear bear 15 days ago
bravos a tous j'adore
Teodora Ivanova 15 days ago
Дмитрий Андронов 19 days ago
Штаны прикольные картошку можно тырить
Орозгул Тажибаева 20 days ago
2018 November 👀👀👀
eyal james delgado 24 days ago
puro monces de mierda fake
Johnny Kilowatt 25 days ago
Красавчики 👍
spin spirit 28 days ago
Fooocking good stuff
Pat W 29 days ago
I would recognize a remix or sample of Philosophy by Tom Snare anywhere.
Dent Mazi 1 month ago
Zajebista Muza i zgranie Tańca :)
Krictana Model 1 month ago
Outfits and music is horrible, but some of these kids are very good. I just feel so shamed for them, who picked their outfits? I thought that I cant dress myself before I saw this.
Gustavo Costa 1 month ago
Que bosta! Muito ruim!
боец молодой 1 month ago
Стадо овец без слуха
puñalin ledezma 1 month ago
Sony X 1 month ago
dance school or something ? all good but drop the fucking bass
james ohara 1 month ago
Get rid of the baggy circus clown pants.
Amy Nguyen 1 month ago
You guys are awesome. Everyone has their own unique style. Keep on having fun and sharing.
T- Series 1 month ago
1:00 guy took me 😅
Wagner Alves 1 month ago
so mais isso aqui o :
Billy D. Jacks 1 month ago
there not all there are they?
XASILI NURLAN 1 month ago
🇦🇦🇿🇿 огнь! 🔥🔥🔥
life is magic 1 month ago
Watt is the first song please?
3rd X 1 month ago
Great, Millennials fucking up two genres of music, rap and Techno.
Barry Preston 1 month ago
Pretty damn hot..loooove the evolution!!!!
Mellie D 1 month ago
This is honestly so good the first kid had the best foot work and the girl with the beige shorts and hat on was the best too
straittalkn 1 month ago
So fucking stupid
Zane Boyka 1 month ago
moooooom!! have you seen my xxxl baggy pants?
tyler durden 1 month ago
Those pants will be forever cultured into this. Ive seen them since 2000 and its 2018 lids still wearing them. Good kids have something in common do8ng something they like
joe Rock 1 month ago
Special school
CRF FEC 1 month ago
Só não adianta tentar dançar isso aí se tiver meio zuado né se leva uma própria rasteira 😆😆😆
workshop ciganjur 1 month ago
Alessio Bovi 1 month ago
Wow great Dancing this video 😍😘
djstarman69slots 1 month ago
thats cool ,instead of doing some dumb ass crap out their ,my respect to these kids..
Marek Marecki Marucha 1 month ago
Darek Wojciechowski 1 month ago
2:46 styl name ? or some links '???
Rainbowicecream Starelight. 1 month ago
Mert Kaya 1 month ago
ilk piç ortalığın amınakoydu kimsede cesaret kalmadı
Timothy Blount 1 month ago
This makes me happy
MrDrumKiller3q 1 month ago
no sens Music. where rythm
JamesDIcaprio 1 month ago
Yes Good make more an more Feeling to Beat an drop it youtube
Daniel Vincent 1 month ago
That ending was perfect. So many beta males struggling for top dog
Dfs Sfd 1 month ago
2 : 45 lady lee is cooll
Julian R 1 month ago
omg jeder kann 2 verschidene schritte xD
Peng Wing 1 month ago
Anybody else from the future watching this?
Delboy 1 month ago
Great way to let off your young energy.
Denis Lapenko 1 month ago
обучайтесь танцеввать зазорные клоуны
Александр Миронов 1 month ago
shit. suckers.
Iamyellowmushroom 1 month ago
Their pants tho. LMFAO 😂😂😂
Frankie Figz 1 month ago
Good work outta you guys and girls.
Damian Nowicki 1 month ago
Damian Nowicki 1 month ago
Ten w niebieskiej bryka jakby sie osral
Светлана Климова 1 month ago
Чехи красавчики! Им на данный момент лет по 25? Молодцы! классно.
We Are God 2 months ago
Mad love for this group. The group like this when I was their age would not have put themselves out there on video like this. I really wish 5:53 went longer.
Snoopy Doopy 2 months ago
marek okrasa 2 months ago
gryyy help mi fadernaoakrasa Kanada rps
JUSTICE 33 1/3 2 months ago
MoFos be River Dancing 😂. Just kidding good shit 👋
Karolek TV 2 months ago
Piotr Czarnecki 2 months ago
Bardzo Piękna sprawa. Jesteście tą młodzieżą której komputery mózgów nie zjadły Super.
Baulo Elison 2 months ago
horrible pants
It's bo hoe 2 months ago
6:20 when the mdma kicks in. 💃💃💃💃
Ka Ha 2 months ago
yeahhhhhh great..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it, could watch 1000 times again
Doritos Dew 2 months ago
Janekeer killed it!!
FART LORD 2 months ago
Yngol Ysgramorson 2 months ago
This is cool
Electric 2016 2 months ago
Wow it’s 2018 is this how people used to being
Aira Shahi 2 months ago
Rip fashion
Chu Yi Han Michaca 2 months ago
6:38 (or something)- Cyber Gothic Industrial Dance Battle, abit.lol
Chu Yi Han Michaca 1 month ago
+SAÑ3 uchiha, ikr!⌒.⌒
SAÑ3 uchiha 1 month ago
You look like you'd be part of there group.
Chu Yi Han Michaca 2 months ago
3:14 & 4:14- Woooooooo
Chu Yi Han Michaca 2 months ago
2:06- he didn't have to stop tht other cyber gothic dude reallie wanned to join in like, he waned to have a C.G.I.D.B.(Cyber Gothic Industrial Dance Battle) wit him.
Chu Yi Han Michaca 2 months ago
This is some type of cyber gothic industrial dance day or something. y i see some cyber gothic dudes!??
avugiak 1 month ago
Love your repli it made me laugh so hard!!!!
BigBoyJuan 1 month ago
U dumb
Industrial Knigtmare 1 month ago
Tf? Where
Chu Yi Han Michaca 1 month ago
+Random G., Wat!?
Random G. 1 month ago
Leon 2 months ago
*If they fell out a plane, their pants will act as a parachute* wish these baggy pants was still a trend tho.
Владимир Давыдов 2 months ago
Капец какой то.
lutiy zadumchiviy 2 months ago
вы блять кусочки гавна срал я на вас мразиш
EDCO SHUFFLE 2 months ago
Entren y dejen un grandioso like también pueden compartir si quieren y si les gusta el contenido pueden suscribirse
el sabio 2 months ago
Recuerdo ke estaba mirando la tierra plana i nos como llegue aca 🤔🤔🤔
Free Man 2 months ago
Wojtek Famulla 2 months ago
Wunderschönen Respekt brawo
Cezary Baczynski 2 months ago
Każdy taniec inny ale jak piękny
Самира Сайдулаева 2 months ago
Jason Moon 2 months ago
DaBlondi 2 months ago