@Beyonce - Countdown TUTORIAL | Willdabeast Adams Choreography

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@Beyonce - Countdown TUTORIAL  | Willdabeast Adams Choreography

Sign Up NOW at *EXCLUSIVE NEWS* WilldaBeast Adams is pleased to announce The BEAST Network - a brand new streaming and video on demand service for the professional dance community. Watch video - beastnetwork immabeast Here it is guys! Thank you so much for making our Countdown video viral! Because of you, we made this tutorial! Download here:

Comments to the video: @Beyonce - Countdown TUTORIAL | Willdabeast Adams Choreography

Zain Fanik 5 months ago
really good, thank you so much!
Monique Taylor 1 year ago
this from lariah
Monique Taylor 1 year ago
I love to dance and I was wondering if you will ever come to Spokane cause I want to be apart of your dance team so much because u and your dancers are so good at dacing ☺
Ella A 2 years ago
Were is the rest of the video
Immoha _ 2 years ago
El matt stephanina es el mejor por que no cobra por sus vídeos tutoriales
Kodak's Daughter 2 years ago
how do i download this !!!
Jade Chynoweth -Topic 2 years ago
Katlyn Brenda 2 years ago
Adorei,mais estou com dificuldade para aprender vc pode me ajudar, fazendo outro video?????
Jst_beautiful Me 2 years ago
it doesn't do the full thing but I got the beginning. I want to be in a dance group
Alison Balza 2 years ago
Alison Balza 2 years ago
mira cuando vas a ser el tutorial de bailr de beyonce
Alison Balza 2 years ago
mira cuando vas a ser el tutorial de bailr de beyonce
smelisa 2 years ago
is this mirrored?
thordibrasil 2 years ago
she is very good tho and pretty too, damn
Malaika J 2 years ago
Assilem arries otirb 2 years ago
I don't have the money to buy the video T.T , :'(
Makayla XOX 2 years ago
Im not paying for a tutorial
justlikefie 2 years ago
Just bought this! Gosh I love you guys. :) Wish me luck.
Lexi Thompson 2 years ago
I literally only watched this because I saw Jade!!<3
Elliott Hackett 2 years ago
This is so freakin domb o wow😆
Legna 2 years ago
hi im a 21 year old lady who is passionate about dancing. i am learning. i live in south africa. i could not download the tutorials. please please please help.
NOxIemBatZz 2 years ago
+angel jili try matt stefanina, his tutorials are uploaded onto youtube for free. and just enjoy watching Will
infinite moonwalk 2 years ago
try 2 learn them by watching the real video
Jaqueline lins 2 years ago
Coreografia maravilhosa! Podiam nos ensinar ela inteira. É uma das minhas favoritas, e provavelmente da galera também, pois acertaram muito! Adoro o trabalho de vocês. Willdabest show ❤
Kenyatta Hall 2 years ago
This is was the day before my birthday awesome. And great video.. I really wanna be in your dancing class and show off my dancing skills. I'm up for the challenge.
Asia Moore 2 years ago
Hello +WilldaBeast Adams I am a very very huge fan. I was wondering if you would do a video choreographed to Rihanna's dancing in the dark. I love that song and I love you're work. Please consider this request. Thank you!!!
kinah sarumi 2 years ago
where are use based
Mushka Nacach 2 years ago
OMG!!!!!!!! This is AWESOME thank you so much for doing this! im a big fan of yours and i already know the dance so you should really do this more often - it will be very appreciated. Thank you again.
Edwina H 2 years ago
Cant wait to start learning to do this dance. Thank you for the tutorials 😀😀 hi all the way from Waterford in Ireland 😀😀
Exe 2 years ago
Alissa Helwig- Correia 2 years ago
The video should've been mirrored
Ricardo Jacobo 2 years ago
I know the dance lol
April Jensen 2 years ago
I love this idea of video tutorials À la carte, please please keep doing this! I love your choreography and the tutorials make the dances accessible to even the worst dancers (such as myself, lol). Your style of dance really resonates with me and the tutorials offer an amazingly fun way to stay in shape. Please keep doing what you are doing because you do it well!
steffie Cee 2 years ago
I wish i could dance like them. they're just fantastic :D
Brenda Silva 2 years ago
Adoro Willdabeast adams
Lex N Affects 2 years ago
I watched todrick Hall's evolution of Disney video, and thought it would be really cool if you guys were to do an evolution of dance video :)
Esmee Heezen 2 years ago
ahhhh jadeee
haang Rana 2 years ago
i like it very much and also wanna pay. but i dont know how to pay from my country(nepal). is there any solution?????? i really wanna dance beast tutorials.
JustBeingADreamer 2 years ago
Aw I don't have the money to buy it though T.T
Majay Hawkins 2 years ago
I love all of ur dances a.d videos but l think y'all should do,a video on fetty wap my way,trap queen plzzzz
Brandon Lee 2 years ago
Can anyone tell me how to join the willdabeast classes? They accept only the pro dancers or beginners as well?
De4dByD4wn 2 years ago
+Brandon Lee He's based out of Millenium Dance Complex in LA. Assuming there's room, im guessin enrollment is just a matter of signin up & payin for whatever classes you wanna take there. Don't quote me tho. ;)
Scha S 2 years ago
Why don't you do free dance tutorials like Matt Steffanina 😭😭😭
OlaGoesToGigs 2 years ago
+Scha S Yeah, but that's still way less than what you would pay to attend a masterclass + you have the advantage to rewind it, which you would't be able to do if you were there in person
OlaGoesToGigs 2 years ago
+Scha S It's only 1.50$ though, not that much
geovanny podesta 2 years ago
😢😢😢😭😭 i think the same
Isa Sant's 2 years ago
Brazil say Hi !!! ^.^
cAptN kiRk animations 2 years ago
Thought I was the only one that learned this by watching it
ALYXA 2 years ago
i want Jade's leggings omfg
itspurplegirl 2 years ago
That hard time when you're in Venezuela and can not buy the tutorial 😭 😭 💔
black Black 2 years ago
Sk8rboi 2 years ago
I went to a master class (you were teaching😂) it was in DC. And I just wanted to say that I learned so much from you and it was so fun and your such a great teacher
FathEr Zakk 2 years ago
Alaina Jones 2 years ago
You have to pay to download it on the website smh I love this dance can u just put it on youtube
Erick 2 years ago
+WilldaBeast Adams  B.o.B - Out of My Mind ft. Nicki Minaj
glenshier wilson 2 years ago
Make your tutorial videos longer 😩😭😭😭😭
imanii j 2 years ago
where do we download it. can't find it on the website
itspurplegirl 2 years ago
+imanii j
Kailla Alissa 2 years ago
me too
Estefhany Carvalho 2 years ago
Brazil Hahaha
lais gomes dos santos 2 years ago
The video is fantastic and still makes more 💕👌👍
Mia LuvsKisses 2 years ago
Omg Jade is so pretty I'm going to cry
Leslie Jimenez 2 years ago
Muy padre que baila
kiah43 2 years ago
Tutorial 👀😳😁👏🏽👏🏽
Ronisha B 2 years ago
Aww I already learned the dance, I should've waited
Scar V 2 years ago
Yaaaasssss!!! Beyoncé 😍😍
Moses 2 years ago
Jay 4eva 2 years ago
When i saw this on my subscriptions, i screamed!! Ive been waiting a long time.and you gotta love when Jade and WilldaBeast work together!
Jay 4eva 2 years ago
+Krishay Taylor Yeah.look out for more! haha :D
skyilla_ 2 years ago
Oh lol.i love watching dance videos too so that is why I see your comments like all the time😊
Jay 4eva 2 years ago
+Krishay Taylor Haha, so everyone says! Im just a dancer who is obsessed with dancing as so i watch loads of dance related videos and ever since i got a youtube channel i comment down my opinions. I actually have a few dance videos on my channel if you wanna check them out, more should be coming out this summer! :D
skyilla_ 2 years ago
Hey I see you everywhere
Luciene Alves De Castro 2 years ago
Faz tutorial completo 😍👏👏
Anne Beaubrun 2 years ago
I love that you're doing a tutorial on this dance. One suggestions is that Jade or whoever is assisting you show the dance tutorial should turn around so we can have both a front and back view to better understand for very visual learners like myself.
Saba Besirli 2 years ago
thankkkk yoooouuui but i want all off it ♥
XxThe Asasin ProxX 2 years ago
I am chileno
Cami Torres 2 years ago
Me gusto pero no esta toda la coreografía , igual gracias
Skarlat Myller 2 years ago
😍😍😍✋ ò
Misfit Emma 2 years ago
I mean I
Misfit Emma 2 years ago
U already learned dance when it first came out
Nassi B 2 years ago
Very Cool n interesting thanks i got this One
Eryka T. 2 years ago
I Already learned it by watching it
IIxTrinityxII Heart 2 years ago
Me 2
camilo londoño torres 2 years ago
+Eryka T. jejeje, we all do that!
Jeanette Nurse 2 years ago
Lol the same here.
lirlyswirl111 2 years ago
Yeah me too
Rai Lightning 2 years ago
Cool glad I wasn't the only one to learn by watching
She Love It 2 years ago
Lauryn H. 2 years ago
Fiona Fam 2 years ago
Aaaaa thank you a lot:)))
I bought mine!!!!!
sollehin idris 2 years ago
Has Una Coreografía De BICH IN MADONNA
Carolina Flores 2 years ago
I love 😘😘😘 willdabeast
D Cat 2 years ago
Keasia Floyd 2 years ago
Aw I wish the tutorial is was on youtube
Karlton Thomas 2 years ago
Yep yep
Fakuu 2 years ago
es genial esa coreografia ! :D
Cassandra C. 2 years ago
Definitely buying the tutorial ^^
Vicki S. 2 years ago
Really good teacher i learned that by first try. Really want to learn your dance routines to get a good workout :)