Royal Family | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

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Royal Family  | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

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Comments to the video: Royal Family | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

Aryan Singh 51 minutes ago
2:21 beat name please i will be thankful
kitkat l 1 hour ago
2:46 me and my crew come out to lunch be like
jada rogers 3 hours ago
7:00 Ik he hurt his arm
Manu Gonça 6 hours ago
My Dance
جوان بنت الكرادة 7 hours ago
iiDorianHelperii 12 hours ago
They feelin themselves look at them facial expression my wig flew all the way to china!
ANGEL 12 hours ago
First 2 min male lead killed it.(kiel)Superb choreography. 👍👍👍👍👍
Vilmar Kussek 16 hours ago
Amei aonde e essa danca
Mikhail Marinov 17 hours ago
Fukcing amazing!! Thats what dacing is all about !!
Leuszka Polackova 18 hours ago
1:37 -1:47 name song please ??
KK R 20 hours ago
Is like they are just posing and moving their arms
Jesus Hadeet 20 hours ago
My fuckin edges
Shaikh Moeen 20 hours ago
Nipun Rava 21 hours ago
No one can beat you🙏
4:50 favourite part ❤️
Diana Real 23 hours ago
Sumit Choudhry 1 day ago
Very best dance🍒🍓🍎🍈🍇😚
уσσиα мιи 1 day ago
omgggggggg so sassy
Alana Gray 1 day ago
I do royal nova dance lol but not this group
JoJo YT 1 day ago
Some of the steps are inspired by blackpinks dance practice i love it!
Potato 1 day ago
*elbows have dislocated* *arms have left the chat* *shoulders are cancelled*
Mahum Kamboh 1 day ago
What's the song at 2:45 ?
Arianna Estrada 1 day ago
Alguien que able español? Porque no le entiendo a los otros comentarios 😂😂😆
shelly pierce 1 day ago
Super Vine 1 day ago
1:37 music ?
MERVE GÖKYÜK 1 day ago
5:17 Song name?
MERVE GÖKYÜK 1 day ago
5.17 Song name?
rachit nagrare 1 day ago
what's the music at 02.28
進撃の巨人は日本の誇り 1 day ago
Prithvi Sundar 1 day ago
Damn! The co-ordination, just marvellous!
Soumeya Bear 1 day ago
What's the music at 5:06
Eleni Bountzoukli 14 hours ago
How it feel
Saki Taguchi 1 day ago
What is the name of the song they use from the start to 2:40?
BANG PINK 2 days ago
artic monkey 2 days ago
2:30 Song??
I respect wAmEn 2 days ago
Lmfao getting triggered from this people who say these facial expression tho like Sis it's all about dance you gotta have expressions. You don't wanna look like a zombie.
ФёдорГенадич Микроволнов 2 days ago
O-M-G! That awesome! Just soooo reeeeaal !
K 2 days ago
A guy that can dance like this can like *get it*
Nicole Vitancor 2 days ago
3:54 song?
lettuce 2 days ago
2:28 the reason why im a lesbian
Gautam Rawat 2 days ago
'i love this dans
Director of the Notification Squad 2 days ago
Bill Burr - The shadows, anyone?
defne dalsal 2 days ago
Harika ya bayılıyorum
Blue Feed 2 days ago
4:13 did he teleport?
Hellen Sillva 2 days ago
Eu Amo De Mas Não Deixo De Assistir , Não Falo A Língua De Vocês Mas Gostaria de Ser Um Participante Se Um Dia Eu ter Essa Oportunidade, Mostarei Meu Talento 😍
Binita Hazarika 2 days ago
They kings of dance
enes degirmenci 2 days ago
Between 1.50-2.10 is favorite part
jhojan cuenu 2 days ago
Name music 6:30 please
Wait Whet 2 days ago
Dang vocal adrenaline looks really good!
Angel Marqués Peñuela 2 days ago
hardgore ; la competencia
\にこにこ 2 days ago
Random Dragon Ball Z Fan 2 days ago
Bruh give us some dance lessons
Random Dragon Ball Z Fan 2 days ago
I would kill to get front row, these guys r well there's too many words
parkMochi isMyBaby 3 days ago
This is the best dance crew i ever saw in my life
Wait Whet 3 days ago
It looks like its apart of a high quality movie im shookith. Kind of looks like dubstep
Norman Hamilton 22 hours ago
Wait Whet I kept trying to scratch your profile picture off my screen thinking it was a hair
Albert Jimenez 3 days ago
Dhiya HW 3 days ago
3:51 what song is it?
lucas de arma 3 days ago
hai uno q able en español
Melissa Velazquez 3 days ago
1:44 😍
Taehyung's Suga Kookie 3 days ago
Whos in their room trying to choreograph this??
memet Ali 3 days ago
Hayatım boyunca böyle bişey izlemedim. 💕❤❤❤
Amanda Woods 3 days ago
I downloaded this video a few months ago and I already know the full dance haha
Pratap Singh 3 days ago
I honestly don't know how i got here, but i'm trippin and this dance looks fire!
finales - 3 days ago
Has anyone know the song at 7:05? Pleaseeee tell mee
GucciGang4life 3 days ago
these kids can dance way better
Parveena Jo 3 days ago
What’s the song for 2:30
Parveena Jo 3 days ago
What’s the song for 2.80
Pallvi Thakur 3 days ago
this is lit
Shaoran Sakura 3 days ago
Where can i download the song i wonder? Their mixup is amazing
T _ Man 3 days ago
Suppeople123 Aj 3 days ago
1:29 Whats that guys instagram @ or name
Maritza Tello del Canto 3 days ago
mimi moon 3 days ago
What name the song in 3:01 please
Merileigh Camaret 3 days ago
Anybody know who the guy in the front at0:52 is??
Happias Heezy 3 days ago
thats taking dance art to another level.thats legendery..they got energyn ey executed every dance move well.well done.God bless em
Zulaikha Lubis 3 days ago
Tanu Tanu 3 days ago
Julieta Lopez 3 days ago
La Mejor Coreo ♡ . Me encanta riri❤
Bà Bà Hủ 3 days ago
Mị thấy quá chuẩn
Josue Cisneros 4 days ago
Que bestialidad de presentación.ufff What a beast!.
Snowie_Husky 777 4 days ago
I end up passing out when I dance like them
Hamzeh Damani 4 days ago
Pn_dancee ♥️💃🏻🕺🏼💃🏻
яιη яιη 4 days ago
why the angry
Huracán Nico Martínez 4 days ago
No me gusto nada
zharick jarro 4 days ago
Me gusto más el principio
Nur Demir 4 days ago
Efsane grup ya
Varun initialising 4 days ago
Million upvotes. what is this
Kathrin und Oli 4 days ago
marsh mellow 4 days ago
*standard raised to the peak*
gogi SWAG 4 days ago
Blackpink cover yo this dance too 👌.
Yanshu891018 4 days ago
are these girls for JB sorry?
Айжана Жусипова 4 days ago
Putri Sahar 4 days ago
Самира Мекиева 4 days ago
2:28 песня прекрасная
Самира Мекиева 4 days ago
1:52 😍❤
i’m gay 4 days ago
I’d probably break my back if I ever tried to do this EDIT: 6:48 would definitely break my arms
Jasmine Chatmon 4 days ago
When gaga came on I’m convinced the guys turned into Aliens they felt that shit in they souuuullll lawwwd
SENI TARI 2016 5 days ago
Bondrewd SsS 5 days ago
Man i wanna be a member of the *ROYAL FAMILY* so bad but i can't even dance, reality sucks.
BrandonValenciaW 5 days ago
4:07 SONG?
Pillow _ fluff 5 days ago
Okay watching this for the millionth time and i still can’t figure out how they move so quickly, like where do they get that energy from?