Royal Family | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

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Royal Family  | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

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Comments to the video: Royal Family | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

Aprill 57 minutes ago
ALL! the people that disliked the video are just jealous of there dancing (NO OFFENCE AT ALL) :):):)
MC BYGONE 3 hours ago
if you like this you'll enjoy my youtube 😎 🤙 real ish i gots that dope hip hop all day long. i really don't know any thing different!
•Coutinho Tuber!• 3 hours ago
lalo jenn 5 hours ago
whats the song at 2:30???
Montserrat Flores 5 hours ago
Blackpink de aquí saco-copio los pasos para bitch better have my money? 🤔
Bethsabet Fajardo 6 hours ago
Omg 😮
Kae Lee 6 hours ago
Olivia Helm 7 hours ago
madisonleasleydvsty 7 hours ago
8:50 is my fave dance part and the start 💛 go sub to my channel 😘
Tyler Durden 9 hours ago
2:30 track please
k-pop trash 10 hours ago
What song is the one from 1:37 to 1:46 I know that I know it from somewhere but I forgot omfg!! I need to to know if any of you know it your my hero
Jay plays 10 hours ago
0:54 the cockroaches in my room when I spray them with Raid.
Βικυ Σουλη 11 hours ago
Bruh i can't stop laughing look at their faces😂
Βικυ Σουλη 11 hours ago
0:36 a girl at the back on the left side almost fell lol
Βικυ Σουλη 11 hours ago
6:59 swear to god he's not a human. That's not normal
ROLEX Fortnite 12 hours ago
taehyung 12 hours ago
I would like to know how they deal with hyperpigmentation on their knees cuz, sis where?
Isıl Mamat 13 hours ago
8:45 who is he?
Drita Kurtalani 15 hours ago
Whats the name of the song at 4 minute
Mariam Matar 15 hours ago
Somehow I remembered blackpink
Pepa Ivanova 18 hours ago
Molly Shiels 14 hours ago
There is over 100 milion views ans and 50 million is from me xx
micaela torrejon 1 day ago
Song 6:10 ?
Cuavr 19 hours ago
micaela torrejon donatella- lady gaga
little princess 1 day ago
2:28 what is song?
jeremy romero 1 day ago
Se merecen su like bien ganado
snooker pool 1 day ago
There are no better dancers than indian dancers. I admit that.
Reddishroses 24 1 day ago
9:31 what’s the name of the song someone please tell me
Cuavr 19 hours ago
Reddishroses 24 Rihanna - bitch better have my money
Helen Jones 1 day ago
Omg I'm so In love with thisssss
Elie Branche 1 day ago
Ahmed Abod 1 day ago
😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 WWooooooooooooooowww 😊😊💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Beer BM 1 day ago
3.55 what's Song? Please
attaist 1 day ago
The chubby bald girl killed it.
Yoits Z 1 day ago
Ivani Oliveira 1 day ago
Eles fazem umas caretas tão feias kkkj
sraboni dhar 1 day ago
6:59 got me dead!
Carnici Albert 1 day ago
Yes man you can dans welldone keep going good job really god job you making peoples follow there dreams. I 💘 you
Yuliana lizbeth Villarreal padilla 1 day ago
What are the songs calles tell me plis
Rendy Asin 1 day ago
2019 anyone?
Suisen Kensei 1 day ago
1:55 is that what blackpink dance ? 2:28 same here.
폐물레드벨벳 1 day ago
Blackpink covered this dance.
Sambit Nayak 1 day ago
Their Live audience be like 😍😍😍😍 huehuehue
Алина Like 2 days ago
Jessica Margot Choque 2 days ago
8:24 😍 oh boy! What is his name? ✨🤗💖
Jannett Guzman 2 days ago
Does anyone kno the song at 5:07
Jannett Guzman 14 hours ago
+Cuavr thanks
Cuavr 19 hours ago
Jannett Guzman Future - Lay up
Kookies,Suga, and Tae 2 days ago
The synchronization is the best af!
Liaaarzk_ 08 2 days ago
Dance blackping
Mad Cock 2 days ago
Can someone please tell me who that thick guy with a baseball cap is? About 8:25
Sele Evelin 2 days ago
Alguien que hable español? 😂😂😂
Razahra tube 2 days ago
I think some of them are dancer in Justin Bieber music video
Olaitan Kehinde Habibat 2 days ago
Here again. I can't believe this shit hasent gotten to 1B views.
GHADA AHMAD 2 days ago
I’m sure it’s teak a month for do this Incredible b 😍😍all time I was like wow
Yulia Al-mamun 2 days ago😘😘😘😘😘
Bass Music King 2 days ago
Ali Simi 2 days ago
3:10 song?
ali osman manis 2 days ago
Ludmi Bautista 2 days ago
Ludmi Bautista 2 days ago
Madhuri Kayen 2 days ago
Chị Bán Bia 2 days ago
3:12 song name?
jack Sparrow 2 days ago
All songs are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
shanya styler 2 days ago
1:53 what is the remix? Plz
Jana Savic 2 days ago
2:28 song?
Ngọc Miu 2 days ago
1:11 music?
Cuavr 19 hours ago
Ngọc Miu I don’t know if you mean the one on the marked time or the one after. First one: kelis- milkshake Second one: Rihanna - bitch better have my money
naughtyrohit1 2 days ago
10:17 song name ?
naughtyrohit1 10 hours ago
2:45 ?
Cuavr 19 hours ago
Rihanna - bitch better have my money
Mustafa Çakır 2 days ago
куку куку 2 days ago
Bass Blasters [AV MUSICALS] 2 days ago
Addicted after watching abusada
Mc Marcelly 3 days ago
Já assitiram o novo vídeo do canal????? então corram lá e da uma espiadinha. aproveitem e se inscrevam em nosso canal e fiquem por dentro de tudo!!!!!
klipser66 3 days ago
As someone who is a 40 yo metal-head and this kind of music usually does nothing for me I have to say that this was absolutely SAVAGE!! I LOVE it. Kudos to the performers, what a magnificent roller coaster
andra alfian 3 days ago
disgusting to see, t
matt z 3 days ago
0:52 whats the name of that chubby guy on right? anyone?
Illiyyun Atalay 3 days ago
02:27 yassss girlllll❤️😍
Tanja Ruesch 2 days ago
Daniela Delgado Zavala 3 days ago
Como se llama la canción del inicio
blackpink blink 3 days ago
Dance is from black pink cover???
폐물레드벨벳 1 day ago
Blackpink covered this dance.
Vanessa Georgieva 3 days ago
7:43 I'm dead
Vanessa Georgieva 19 hours ago
Cuavr 19 hours ago
Merry Dy missy elliot - one minute man
Merry Dy 1 day ago
Vanessa Georgieva do you know song name?
Rau look 3 days ago
Dilan Kasap 3 days ago
1:12 sing song ?
Cuavr 19 hours ago
Dilan Kasap Rihanna - bitch better have my money
Yersin Quispe Arqque 3 days ago
Lo que no me gusta es que bailen como si siguieran las reglas , nada fluido o con sentido, ya como robots los siento y no le encuentro sentido a sus pases(alguno de ellos absurdos)
Dirgayasa Krisna 3 days ago
What the title from that music ?
Cuavr 19 hours ago
Dirgayasa Krisna which one
Viola 3 days ago
*если ты любишь плясать зайди на моё видео для тебя приглянуться*
mai tran 3 days ago
the power of teamwork. Awsome!!!!!
Dream is to reach 3000 subscribers views 3 days ago
Hey, you random person going through the comments, have a lovely day.
Sunny Wildebeest 3 days ago
ReMin Jimin 3 days ago
erick alfredo rodríguez canallero 4 days ago
1:10 song name?
Mihai Catalin Pavel 4 days ago
5:17 song?
Ayush Kandari 4 days ago
Everything is AWESOME😘😘
person people 4 days ago
This is truly hypnotizing
Vishal Kerketta 4 days ago
What a dance i like tit seriously
Inhu Wanluk 4 days ago
7:43 what song ?
Cuavr 19 hours ago
Inhu Wanluk missy elliot - one minute man
gelsyn gutierrez 4 days ago
5:06 name song?
Cuavr 19 hours ago
gelsyn gutierrez future - lay up
dianapark69 4 days ago
I dont like camera angle cant see whole.
dianapark69 6 hours ago
+Cuavr Thanks!!
Cuavr 19 hours ago
dianapark69 there are other angles on YouTube.
🙌 4 days ago
Mem Ala 4 days ago
Amazing Amazing Amazing dancing ❤️❤️
Barat Mamedov 4 days ago
1:10 , 2:30 and 2:15
thedls17fan 4 days ago
Cihan Arslan 4 days ago
9:35 what is song between song
Cindy Almaherani 4 days ago
1:44whats the name song?? Please tell me
Cuavr 19 hours ago
Cindy Almaherani Rihanna - bitch better have my money
Sarvinoz Masaitova 4 days ago
Wooow класснооо 😍😍😍
Maddie Brisky 5 days ago
i would be so awkward if i was up there
Aya Uban 5 days ago
Happy Valentine Day. 2019 February 2019