Royal Family | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

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Royal Family  | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

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Comments to the video: Royal Family | FRONTROW | World of Dance Los Angeles 2015 | #WODLA15

Ishie Raya 2 hours ago
kiel tutin is slaying
Jhovie Yagonia 2 hours ago
Facial expressions and energy woohhh!!! it seems i am in this event and enjoying this choreography :)
Anish Kumar 5 hours ago
Anish Kumar 5 hours ago
Anish Kumar 5 hours ago
TRIPLE DDD 7 hours ago
Just to Clear up the air, this is not Blackpink's dance. Its Royal Family's dance choreographed by Parris Goebel. Blackpink indeed did a cover to this dance. (A COVER) Btw I'm @royalfamilyswag from Instagram.
Esme 9 hours ago
What's the bald girls name??? She fucken fire! I can't take my eyes off her!!!
Dominique Martinez 11 hours ago
I'm I the only one that noticed they all have wight bracelets on there rite hand
Kat Carter 13 hours ago
Anybody seen my wig
Hardik Joshi 18 hours ago
Please say all song name
Mrs Salvatore 18 hours ago
Fav 1.48
SHAMETO MITOSHA 19 hours ago
Like si esto lo viste en instagram
Mbusyroh Andisanda 19 hours ago
The best dance in the world
4rxor 20 hours ago
6:45 - *I’m just a pig inside a human body* ANY SHANE STANS HERE 💗💕💗💕💗
Louisa Thompson 21 hours ago
2:28 song name
Александра Самойленко 21 hours ago
I love your team I am your idol
WilD SuNFlOwEr 21 hours ago
2018 and that choreography still leaves me speechless
Puja Lama 23 hours ago
WinkyBoyDigger1 1 day ago
Sorry but I only have two eyes
NZrep Aroha 1 day ago
Wow I haven’t watched this in a year and I used to watch this religiously, I see a lot of confused comments so I’ll clarify some First off, Blackpink did a cover of this and YG has worked with the choreographer Paris’s Goebel for example Bang Bang Bang and Ringa Linga. also another fun fact Kiel Tutin who did Vogue here choreographed du du du for Blackpink Also Parris can choreograph a set overnight, they’ve done it for their HHI once and got second or third place I can’t remember. However these sets weren’t new, she mashed up a lot of old ones with new ones here. All the boys ain’t gay, but idk Royal Family has been doing vogue or feminine dance since the beginning I love it too.
Anshuman Changmai 1 day ago
Break MJ 1 day ago
I am here after dance plus 4 😍😍😍
Lex Avaritia 1 day ago
energetic dance
Rebelle Jean Black 1 day ago
To those who said that this isn't their original choreography and say that they're copying.. 4:12 this woman is their choreographer, and teached many dances to Kpop and other celebrities. She's the reason she made those moves famous, and now you're claiming her for stealing? WTF
Herr Bialas 1 day ago
What this is a Song 7:11 ?
Harley Hawera 1 day ago
I wonder how many lonely guys watched this lol
Khiyama Rai 1 day ago
total how many dancer are there ??
Fesueai Rasmussen 1 day ago
Long Gia 1 day ago
Could someone tells me : where are they from and are.they students or professional make money?
Adelia Maura 1 day ago
Lê Trần 1 day ago
2:30 what song?
Arianna Arcos 1 day ago
KILLA NICOLE 1 day ago
They arm work is on point
Maestro constructions 1 day ago
1:55 love it soo!
Giulia 1 day ago
I'm in a dance groupe too but we don't have a groupe name. who knows one?
samglover22 S 2 days ago
Fucking love it 👏
Bea_YiTian 2 days ago
2:28 👌✨
Lorraine Paras Maunio 2 days ago
so blackpink dance practice came from here. okayyy
Toa 784 2 days ago
What’s the song at 1:39
Fea Vy 2 days ago
I wanna do that!
すらいむ すらいむ 2 days ago
5:11 나 피 땀 눈물 ~ 😆
clyde morrel bagaan 2 days ago
Ayşə Şükürov 2 days ago
1:45 😍
Marisol Santiago 2 days ago
Does anybody know the Instagram of the red hair girl?
Kendra Acosta 2 days ago
Como se llama lqri mera
Kendra Acosta 2 days ago
Pengzi Xu 2 days ago
I got goose bumps..
Llamacorn 2 days ago
That bald lady slayed!
Time Sheet 2 days ago
maja selander 2 days ago
5:04 - 5:56 best part ever!🙂
Midahlia Royer 2 days ago
Song at 5:48 anyone??
Валерия Градовская 2 days ago
Пиздец охуенно
Luna Floores 2 days ago
Y de pronto. aparece un comentario en español salu2 ahre
Dayris Herrera 2 days ago
Como se llama la musica del minuto 3:50 ???
Harshika Mehra 2 days ago
2:28 banger 3:30 nd 6:48through 🔥 parts
Im JuNgShOoK 2 days ago
Didn't they dance for Justin B
Jhessica Line 2 days ago
Hitex 3 days ago
I saw some choreography blackpink had for predebut
Lynaerej Blanco 3 days ago
4:33 what the title of that song ???
Jamuna Thapa 3 days ago
Superb dance 😘😘😘
Mohan Ale 3 days ago
This is a real Royal family
Tyjae Riley 3 days ago
This never gets old ❤
큐쌈이 3 days ago
Did they make this choreography
Mustofa Kamal 3 days ago
Song please?
rrentboy 3 days ago
how is the step at 2:05 called?!!
Javi Chicano 3 days ago
1:38 song without remix?
You Don't Know Me 3 days ago
What's the song name that matches with the beat at 1:40 I know it's a old song but I can't remember
pet 3 days ago
ni**gas in paris
Andri Fuenmayor 3 days ago
Porque cuando bailan ponen caras raras?
linda petersson 3 days ago
Best performance i have ever Seen. I can die happy now 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Andreea Marin 3 days ago
8:08 song?
nabeel hydru 3 days ago
2.28. Wooohhh
Vhøpe Prra 3 days ago
black family :3
Hema Khare 3 days ago
I love dance bcoz of my sweet sir😘
Diana 3 days ago
Does anyone know the song at 2:30? And 4:27?
AnAwkwardPeanut 3 days ago
So this was where BlackPink got their dance from. I saw a video of them dancing Bitch Better Have My Money (just a short party though)
Tyla Kee 3 days ago
noor seelawi 3 days ago
That was siiiiiicccckkk😱😱😱💝
saira ybanez 4 days ago
3:50 whoooaaah!😍 love it!❤💋
Zaynster LP 4 days ago
What's the title of the music in 3:33 ???
Chavz Echavez 4 days ago
Kiel tutin is amazing
Patrick Masaganda 4 days ago
2:18 - 2:33 song pleaaseeeee💕
Nupur Verma 4 days ago
The fuck😶🌈
Nupur Verma 4 days ago
This is so unreal
XXX Darin 4 days ago
What is the name of That song on 1:55 minutes
Soumendra nath Some 4 days ago
you guys are outstanding
Love Rainbow 4 days ago
Там два три танцора случаем не из YG Entertainment?🤷
Khalled-King 4 days ago
Is this fucken real.!!!!
Deyvid Gamer 4 days ago
Aileen Ramirez 4 days ago
Does anyone else notice some of these dances are BLACKPINK
Josue Cordova 4 days ago
2:30 Song¿?
Lovely Lia 4 days ago
Jenny Anguiano 4 days ago
Rosa Riy 4 days ago
Are they human being too ? Damn they are so fucking good😂
Cosmic Carma 4 days ago
Why were they never in any of the Step Ups?
Giovanna Vitoria 4 days ago
Assassin of worldwide Rebecca Elisabeth Silver 4 days ago
all dancers from worldwide groups r fuking amazing, and individual dancers r amazing. WOD has many amazing groups that I respect highly. As for haters, SHUT IT!.
Ahmed Yousef 4 days ago
What’s the name of the song in minute 2:43 when pink girls started dancing ?!
Mc Bsmt 4 days ago
Best in the world
Mimi Larered 4 days ago
2018 I still hear it love u girls.😍😘😘
Paula Obad 4 days ago
6:16 what's the song??
LAFALITTLE 4 days ago
this is SO good i am crying. Thinking of auditioning in 3 months (i live in nz)