Street Dance 3D - The Surge - Final Dance - HD

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Street Dance 3D  - The Surge - Final Dance - HD

Street Dance 3D - Final Dance - The Surge - HD ( Flawless )

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mohamad sodiken mohamad samingan 6 days ago
2:34 Patrice Evra???
Pedrinhocortent Pedro 19 days ago
song 0:47 ?
Lear Doka 1 month ago
Donex Stingray 2 months ago
Donex Stingray 2 months ago
0.47 lagu apa nama nya?
Donex Stingray 2 months ago
0.47 lagu apa nama nya?
Ellen Diane 3 months ago
very timely-- well done:) ty
Cayls Swan 3 months ago
For anyone wanting to know the names of songs, why don't you guys just download the full soundtrack and every song should be on there.
Satvik Nema 6 months ago
it was better than the breaking point 😐
Chiara Gerber 8 months ago
0:47 1:32 2:00. plice plice plice plice plice plice
Mickael Beven 1 month ago
i know one of them ahahha
Chiara Gerber 8 months ago
maria Angélica Freire Gouveia Gouveia 8 months ago
amei amei
Elaine Cristina Amaral 11 months ago
Qna Zoeva 11 months ago
ne tasyvate kak to men
Ömer Kara 1 year ago
1.40 2.00 2.30 plase
Ria Aliya 1 year ago
We're all asking for the damn music! Can someone plz tell us the soundtrack to it PLZ!?!?
lesbian baby 1 year ago
Song 1:39? please please help me please 😭😍
Inaley brown 1 year ago
that was very good
SeventeenYellowYawningYaks 1 year ago
Song 2:30-2:45?
SeventeenYellowYawningYaks 1 year ago
Awesome dancing :)
Chante Mahabeer 1 year ago
WinderPrado 1 year ago
SONG 1:55
Vitoria Barros 1 year ago
qual eo nome da penúltima musicaaaaaaaaa?
Lucas Kupeka 12 days ago
Vitoria Bbkgjhcjbfjglgkharros gksgfsvhjkgef
gabrysia kowalska 1 year ago
2.30 ? :/
Lima Show 1 year ago
весьма круто и классно
Amael Mourier 1 year ago
S trop bien
Toma Bartušytė 1 year ago
Song 1.40????
Šimon Honsů 1 year ago
Is here anyone who knows if is there any way to get one of those uniforms? It's awesome
john abraham 1 year ago
the canadian army
RaiRaiBrown 2 years ago
I know who they are now, they come from Britain's Got Talent¡
RaiRaiBrown 2 years ago
I've studied dance and I watch for certain things in short I will say I said the words Dope, omg, perfect, damn, oh shit, and fuk yeah the whole time they danced this part. I'm wondering who they are as dancers, who produced the music, and who choreographed their dances?. The British Hip Hop and RnB songs were great sad we never hear them here in.the USA. Lastly, that girl with the corn braids that dressed like a boy was the best the illest, she swang like a dude straight up, not cute blonde shorty she was aite. Oh btw, hated pt 2, really bad acting. No Hate enjoyed it very very much.
norosz bboy 2 years ago
1:59 song pls
Lydia Belouli 2 years ago
Song 2:27 pleaseeeee!!!!!
Paola 2 years ago
Whats the song at 2:00????
Songs Mirth 2 years ago
Sweet/brilliant.  Songs
maya ghyselen 3 years ago
cool en zot 
Patrik Drevnak 9 months ago
maya ghyselen g kokpťi
sakura_rain 3 years ago
What's the name of the song.nah I just felt like saying it too lol
Daria Chmielowiec 3 years ago
Daria Chmielowiec 3 years ago
sound in 22:29?????
BunniB_1998 3 years ago
wot the name of the song at 2:01  
Tomass Dreimanis 3 years ago
Name of song  at 0:48  ? 
Саша Федорченко 3 years ago
Whats the song at 1:30 ?
sakura_rain 8 months ago
i think it's called athsma attack by a band called i'm joking lol
Amasuki Chan 2 years ago
I want that song too, I search with Shazam and I no found it :(
matty šestáák 3 years ago
song pls : 1:18 
Артём 3 years ago
As the name of this song!?
BunniB_1998 4 years ago
Also song name at 2:27 please
BunniB_1998 4 years ago
Song name at 2:01 please
Aurora Trovato 4 years ago
Nemanja Mudrinski 4 years ago
song name 0:48?
krizzadale berato 4 years ago
Lula Barbosa 4 years ago
eu ja danceei essa musica
Sandeep Madupa 4 years ago
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s pradeep 4 years ago
Hey guys. Amazing film clip. My dad had been fat. He revolutionized his body from 283 lbs of fat to 204 lbs of full-strength muscle. I became in awe. I just registered personally as I'm hoping to get heftier muscles. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google).
hellen muller 4 years ago
Vanessa a. 4 years ago
1:59-2:28 *-*
Charles John Camua 4 years ago
'astig !!!!
Wellington negao2448 4 years ago
muito bommmm
Thierry Borel 4 years ago
rodrigo games 4 years ago
os de vermelho voi ops mas massa
Arkadiusz Górski 5 years ago
2:30-2:45 song name
MilkyLyrics 5 years ago
The Surge wins. Much better performance.
Luca Steger 5 years ago
Where can i find this song
Shahadat Ishak 5 years ago
At 0:48 And 2:00 What's The Song Man -.- ??
Angel_ENERGY 5 years ago
Automakeet – Street Dance [remix] - here it is, well, just not for him, and what that wacky mix. I quote: The original track Automakeet-Street Dance was made only for filma.i rights to it are protected. so that it is unlikely to find out. as well as, the mix is, and the original. horrible.
KatsuoKou 5 years ago
song at 1:32 please someone name??
- 5 years ago
1:59 song please? someone reply please thank you! :)
MusikChannelTime 5 years ago
Song Name 1:56? So amazing!
CARBONHEAD123 5 years ago
Track name at 1:32? It's been stuck in my head for days. HELP!
Sam Slasor 5 years ago
Song at 2 minuets what is it!
Reptile Reprile 5 years ago
Automakeet - Street Dance is remix. i need the original. mayble u can foud it in movie credits.
rasty buagas 5 years ago
its not where you came from,itz where your at ol'.jajajaja
Tylar Rogue 5 years ago
its not where your from, its where your at, aha lolz
Tamara Micevska 5 years ago
1:59 ?? :))
youngavatar223 5 years ago
Song name on 2:00
youkoulélé hihui 5 years ago
0.48 song name
Cloody Tube 5 years ago
jabbawockeez can battle all of them LOL
BadBackBeast 5 years ago
cant remember the actul name of the style my friends always call it party style. you can find more of it on Mc Hammer video cant touch this
BadBackBeast 5 years ago
too much happy editing and bad camera angles not to mention poor sound. Must take a pro to screw up a good dance crew. terrible film
Gxinc Gangcrew 5 years ago
1:59 and 2:29 ( what's tthe song please ? )
Dani Danny 5 years ago
1:58 NAME Song plzzz
lina auguis 5 years ago
that was my favorite part.
Krys K. 5 years ago
The songs name is Breathe by Garfield cat fletcher
Rich Homie Boun 5 years ago
smooth floor work
JakubJaneba 5 years ago
1:59 I really need that instro.
bui quang minh 5 years ago
nom thế chớ hay phết
Rosangela Silva 5 years ago
PIRANIA757 5 years ago
Automakeet - Street Dance Надо блеа Original а не remix!!!
hunidosTV 5 years ago
flawless french
SuperHeroprince 5 years ago
Better than the Winners still the Movie Sucks
Justas Miniotas 5 years ago
1:33 song name plzzzzzzzzzzzz
Justas Miniotas 5 years ago
song in 1:33 plz!!!!!!!1
pinkpunkbabe222 5 years ago
@turus22 fuck of no offence lol
Joakim Götesson 5 years ago
What is the song in 1.33 ?! please
Sen G 6 years ago
is it a movie or a DAnce competition?
analyrondon20 6 years ago
como se llama la cancion?? :(
ash M 6 years ago
kinda boring lol
Kitty Kat 6 years ago
DerOrie09 6 years ago
please the name of the song on 1:46
LRSkinMar 6 years ago
szukam tytułu lub wykonawcy utworu 2:26
Waraporn Tantiratanone 6 years ago
So Good..
sylvia 6 years ago
@xsugarqueenx1994 16 if you count with me.
Inès Pitschon 6 years ago
@Tiiff4nyx I wished they were the winners!! xD
Giih Almeida 6 years ago
pessoal comente a minha dança o site é o comentem povo eu comentei pelo menos agora faz a sua parte comente o meu é so escrever playcenter dia 17/06/11 ai ta lá escrito carioba se apresenta no play the music nao se preocupe com a musica esta muito ruim foi mau gravada
isaias reynoso 6 years ago
@xsugarqueenx1994 it is straight up