2017 SIERRA DENALI ULTIMATE CREW CAB Road Test & Review | Pye Chevrolet Buick GMC

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2017  SIERRA DENALI ULTIMATE CREW CAB Road Test & Review | Pye Chevrolet Buick GMC

It's a great Job when you can reference Elmer Fudd and Superman. Please like, share and Subscribe. 2017 Sierra Denali ULTIMATE 1500 4wd Crew Cab Dark slate Metallic Yes it has the big engine, yes the fully set and forget it automatic headlights will freak you out if your still stepping on the floor mounted silver knob yes it has the trick running boards. This is the Denali Ultimate, the final expression in Luxury Pickups, period, well, until GMC invents another, 22” wheels Magnetic Ride Control Hydroformed, fully boxed, high strength steel frame 12 way power driver and passenger seats Tri-mode Power side rails with bed access Remote Vehicle Start Power Sliding Glass Spray on Bed Liner Automatic Climate Control Cargo tie downs Rear window Defrost 3.23 rear end Intellilink with Navigation Bose 7 Speaker System with sub woofer Back up Camera DVD Blueray player Chrome front recovery hooks Polished Exhaust Tip Enhanced Driver Alert Package with low speed forward automatic breaking 420hp 460 lb-ft 6.2l V8 8 Speed Automatic Transmission LED Headlamps, Taillights and Fog Lamps And like elmer fudd it must be very very very quiet in the Cabin to earn the Denali name. Good News, It is. It’s supermans fortress of Solitude, accomplished by • Triple door seals • Sound absorbing materials throughout • Inlaid design so a close door is a close door • Bose Active noise cancellation Soft touch instrument panel, contrast stitching, burnished aluminum trim. Todd Williams Pye Chevrolet 9022297435 toddw@pyechevrolet.ca @ftoddwilliams

Comments to the video: 2017 SIERRA DENALI ULTIMATE CREW CAB Road Test & Review | Pye Chevrolet Buick GMC

anmoldeep gill 1 month ago
V M 2 months ago
One of the best trucks on the world
Gregory Trane 2 months ago
The Denali is definitely the go to truck, however, I still like my Silverado as well and am completely satisfied.
FIGNAS83 3 months ago
I've owned every truck except a GMC. One day when I can justify $65k on a truck I'll get a Sierra 1500 Denali.
MRGETLAID 03 3 months ago
All I see is a ford knockoff. lol I do have a serious question why is it that people from chevy shit on GMC when there practatly the same truck?
Frank Bandz 3 months ago
What color is the truck?
Dante 21 days ago
Frank Bandz dark slate metallic comes out on 2017 and continued
oneplusone 3 months ago
Only complain I have with mine is a bumpy ride
Dylan Wells 3 months ago
This dude on fucking crack
Kevin Raimi 3 months ago
Gmc is shit
Ceazerleo 4 months ago
One of the best reviews I've seen. Thank you
roberto luna 4 months ago
soy de Argentina pais que queda en America del sur.quiero daber que costo tiene puesta en mi pais?
DERRECK153 4 months ago
Awesome Review
DERRECK153 5 months ago
great video keep up the GREAT work
Armando Sturzenegger 5 months ago
omg i'm going to find you and beat the crap out of you annoying mother fucker, heading up to you, see you soon.
Ray Garrett 5 months ago
22's BOYS!!! Lololol
Chris Cardoza 5 months ago
its ok for what it is a car with a truck bed.
Marquese Griffin 5 months ago
Will get that I promise. no more talking swear I get that
nathan ma 5 months ago
Very passionate presenter!!! How gives a dame abt the people seating at the back. No rear AC.totally ok with more than 1k torque.
Eric Sanchez 5 months ago
This is the 6.2L V8 right?
Ralph Kowalski 5 months ago
all it's missing is the Toyota logo and then I'm ready to buy it
Sergio Camarena 5 months ago
This is the best truck am driving ford & ram not power gmc very fast stronger in good for driving many hours
Greg 6 months ago
you made me want lucky charm, bought one today and didnt know it had half this crap
Mike L 6 months ago
I usually don't leave negative comments like this I really enjoyed all the info about this truck but I personally can't stand this guy for longer than 30 secs, it gets really annoying.
paul espinosa 6 months ago
get a ram Laramie Limited way better than this GMC Denali and it's got AC vents in the back not like the Denali or Chevy they believe they don't need AC vents in the back what a crock of shit
Willfredo Guevarez 6 months ago
he needs to lay off the speed !!!!!!! great truck GMC sets the mark!!!!!!!!
mykidpatkinsing John 7 months ago
Big bucks!!!
Gary Hummel 8 months ago
You guys have to realize;   Mexico can make some pretty good trucks. I think they rate 3rd after Ford & Ram !!
Roman Alexander 8 months ago
Denali > highcountry all day everyday
Danny Yee 9 months ago
I seriously just wetted myself. soaked
Robert Jones 9 months ago
Your reviews are hilarious! Love the humor in an informative review! :)
PECJR23 9 months ago
Ya may wanna lay off the ez peezys
redd7188 9 months ago
Nice looking truck.
Elijah Thomas 9 months ago
best advertising man ever
notsosilentmajority1 9 months ago
I have never been a GMC guy but after watching this video I am definitely going to give it a look. This guy on the video is great, lol. Elmer Fudd, I love it. He's entertaining but very informative at the same time. Great job and a very nice truck also.
Nnbs24s 1991 9 months ago
U Canadian niggas go crazy for the denalis
Hisham Alobaidi 9 months ago
I like your videos and loved it keep going, good greeting to you from Iraq
bigbullbk 10 months ago
This guy does not make me want to buy a car from him.
Roger Esp 10 months ago
Todd very good description, good comercial thinking in getting one
Timothy ONeill 10 months ago
HOW MUCH is this truck as this sits.??
Русский Мужик 10 months ago
i love USA pick up
CARZILLA 10 months ago
don't apologize to the pussies
Najee Jackson 10 months ago
That eerie accent tho!!!!
CAM 11 months ago
4:40 if you want to see a meth addict have a seizure.
emmanuel estolas 11 months ago
its amazing you're not 50 years old yet.lol
Staci Moody 11 months ago
did that say ultimate 4x4? it sits on the ground! there is no off road with that truck
Noel Laflamme 10 months ago
Staci Moody it's the ultimate package and have 4wd, hence the 4x4, it doesn't meant its the ultimate 4x4
samlonzo70 11 months ago
Nice looking but baaaaaaaad on gas as usual from any American Truck!
Jordan Bushell 11 months ago
you must be a fellow caper no? main landers don't speak like that hahah
Todd Williams 11 months ago
Close, Newfoundland
jimy20012003 11 months ago
bad ass truck.
DERRECK153 11 months ago
todd great video
Ger Xiong 11 months ago
wow sound you really like it so me too lol.nice turck
Peter Sampson 11 months ago
Aleksander Sorensen 11 months ago
Hello guys ! ! ! might The video truly soundu welrdtransition :‑)
Deyshaw H 11 months ago
I love it when people take pride in their vehicle. I don't discriminate.
Eric Haley 11 months ago
I currently own a 2015 Ford F150 platinum with 3.5L Ecoboost. it's heavily loaded like a Lincoln on the inside. my only gripe is that Ford stop equipping the 6.2L in the half ton trucks. that's where GM has a slight edge. I would never even give Dodge a first look. to me,they wanna be Ford so bad. always trying to copy Ford. it's either Ford or Chevy/GMC for me
Robert Arauza 9 months ago
Eric Haley the 2015 - now f150 has no competitor yet as far as generation wise. The 2014- now Silverado/Sierra trucks compete with the 2009-2014 f150. It's like all the rest are behind ford at releasing their true competitors to compete with ford's because henry ford was the first. I remember when people were comparing the 2007-2013 silverado with the 2009-2014 f150. While 07 and 08 silverados were around the 2004-2008 f150s were to, but when ford released their 2009 models chevy still had their 2007-2013 generation still going. Then in 2014 chevy had their silverado release to compete with the 09-14 f150. What I just said some people don't know and others don't understand. I just thought ude say this.
racingrb 10 months ago
Eric Haley what's wrong with dodge? I was looking at Tundra but are more overpriced than American trucks.
Gerardo Gutierrez 11 months ago
Top of the Line
Tony Vega 11 months ago
i do not know if ford. last longer. or chevy. but ford has better engineering working on better design trucks. people can only tell it's a denali truck cus or front grill.
09infintig37x 11 months ago
Can't stand the keyed ignition or lack of rear vent for rear passengers. It's the most passenger unfriendly truck ever. Thank god it's a spare. I own the 2016. It's a major pain in the ass. Love the truck but it is behind the times. Fumbling for keys is from the 90s. Won't be getting another. Not trying to bash. GMC needs to step up here..
Wilander Cruz 11 months ago
nice truck I like it a lot.
curtis young 11 months ago
What colour is that?
Dante 21 days ago
Comes out on 2017 and continued
Todd Williams 11 months ago
Dark Slate Metallic
Jose Alejandro Menendez 11 months ago
awesome truck annoying guy
311hitwall 11 months ago
Nice job parking it in a mud hole.
Mark flores 11 months ago
0:12 the fuck did he just say?
Mohammed ALQattan 11 months ago
Am a new subscriber to your channel If you continue to make more videos I'll continue subscribing and liking your videos mainly due to the cars you review and how funny you are
Roy Maclean 11 months ago
hi Todd  hi there I got a 95 GMC Sierra to Great trucks
Todd Williams 11 months ago
they are very nice trucks indeed
willy wonka 11 months ago
Dominicano y que 1 year ago
You Canadians Go Crazy like Mokeys with the American Products ah ? Go USA best Country on Earth.
osamabindrinkin40s 23 days ago
Todd Williams that is so stupid that tailgate drops down slowly when Dodge and Ford have a keyless entry to make it drop and go back up plus it locks. GM needs to step it up.
name's Zeus 9 months ago
Dominicano y que not the best country. im american and theres other countries that are better
Maloy7800 11 months ago
El canadiense hablo inglés. Comprende, amigo?
Dominicano y que 11 months ago
+Todd Williams what you saying ? 😶
Todd Williams 11 months ago
ah? no b'ye eh is what your were looking for and not all of us employ it regularly in our daily language duties
Slave Hunter 777 1 year ago
Sir ,can you make one video testing the truck on muddy roads or maybe you can go offroad.???
Todd Williams 1 year ago
great idea, i'll ask the boss if he's had a change of heart and will let me take it off road in the Canadian wilderness
DERRECK153 1 year ago
love this truck
Amuro 1 year ago
Does the 2017 shake and vibrate or GM still ignoring that issue???
Amuro 11 months ago
09infintig37x I agree to an extent, GM owners/ Chevy same thing, a lot of owners have had issue with the truck vibrating and a couple had GM buy back the truck because of this issue. Lawyered up/ lemon law. Luckily my truck isn't that bad with the vibration, I balanced and rotate my tires and it helped a lot! Yes it's a truck I agree. Just curious if the new 2017 solved this issues but about two people on GM forums/ Facebook GM group has stated it is still present. Dealer has replaced drive shaft, torque converters, rear diff ring and pinion and so on to eliminate the vibration issue. Some have no issue and some do. I love my 2016 Chevy 5.3l so I'm lucky I don't have it bad as other owners who are experience this problem. If you search and google or hop on GM group forums this problem is a big issue and GM knows about it but sadly no fix yet or recall yet.
09infintig37x 11 months ago
Amuro yup. It's more than likely the tires tho. A set of all seasons with less aggressive tread would help. It's a truck still.
Todd Williams 1 year ago
NO, Definitely not. Isolated to very early 2015 production runs and rectified by dealers, it never was a RAM Death MArch Shake your fillings out Rattle.
PlaceboTree 1 year ago
That Dark Slate Metallic is beautiful. I love my 2016 Summit White but that sure is a pretty handsome color.
Scott Wilkins 1 year ago
If you thumb down this video, I'm sorry for you.  Your life must be boring.  :)
lakeseminole 1 year ago
You are too funny in your manerisms and make the review much more interesting. I've owned two Silverados and heard this GMC Denali is very, very quiet. What sells me is the 420 hp! Ride is so important so the computerized shocks are interesting. I live in Florida however and Im not driving from Canada in the winter!
مروان المفلحي 1 year ago
are u stupid
Todd Williams 11 months ago
i was thinking about writing the review as a song
مروان المفلحي 1 year ago
the way u explain like sports commentator is not good
Todd Williams 1 year ago
peace as well to you my brother
New Leaf Landcare 1 year ago
Great videos! I'm looking for a good review on 2017 2500/3500 HD series. Gas engine specifically, diesel reviews are dime a dozen. Thanks!!
MJ4cars97 1 year ago
Your enthusiasm hurts my emotions
MJ4cars97 1 year ago
All of them
Ramguykev 1 year ago
Awesome truck.
生活生活好 1 year ago
I really hope this is under 100k
Mark flores 11 months ago
生活生活好 it's a little bit under 100k
生活生活好 1 year ago
Ok great we have 30k more too go, ill give it 3 more yrs till 100k
Todd Williams 1 year ago
yes, 79000 cdn$
Doug Smith 1 year ago
Is this guy autistic?
Alex Tran 3 months ago
04dram04 he's trying to hard lol
04dram04 10 months ago
no, hes just trying hard to sell you a product
Todd Williams 11 months ago
thanks man
Todd Williams 1 year ago
no, just enthusiastic
Mack Rogers 1 year ago
Hey Todd what would the by weekly payments be Iam looking to trade in for new
FIGNAS83 3 months ago
Todd Williams $1100 a month!!
Todd Williams 1 year ago
Hi Mack: Not taking your trade into account, the bi-weekly payments would be $506.33 cdn over 84mths. If you could email me (toddw@pyechevrolet.ca) we can continue the discussion. Many thanks, Todd
Cyclone Vertical 1 year ago
I still dont get why their is no AC and heated seats for the back passengers thats why ford and dodge is better
osamabindrinkin40s 23 days ago
The Ford and Dodge have more features they are about the same price. Those square wheel wells look stupid.
B.C. GamingVlogs 3 months ago
yeezy713 , i own a ram since 2012 and never had to bring it in except for regularly scheduled maintenance
Nobunaga Oda 3 months ago
Yeezy713 👍
Nobunaga Oda 3 months ago
Bryan E 👍👍
Nobunaga Oda 3 months ago
Bryan E 😂👍
GMC Denali 717 1 year ago
Very nice truck. And for people that are in the market for a truck, but don't know what to get, I own a Sierra Denali and I love it. I highly recommend the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado.
osamabindrinkin40s 23 days ago
You outtta check out the new fords. They have come a long way. And their is not much difference between a Chevy and GMC. You're just paying more for the name GMC.
Nobunaga Oda 3 months ago
George GMC Sierra Denali 👍
Armando Sturzenegger 5 months ago
DynamixHD 8 months ago
You sir are correct. A relative drove Fords all his life, then a few weeks ago tested a Denali and an older generation F150, he bought the Denali and said it was alot better than the ford.
GMC Denali 717 8 months ago